Slot Games Guide


If you have ever dreamed of trying out a casino at a Las Vegas bar, you are not alone. You must have also dreamed of making a fortune playing online slot games. But before you can make any of these dreams a reality, you will need a basic understanding of slot games. In this comprehensive blog, we are going to present to you a slot games guide that will make a positive difference in your playing experience. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see how slot machines work and how you can win amazing rewards!

How a Slot Game Machine is Played?

In a machine intended to play slots, there are some divisions on the screen with each having a picture of an object. There can be pictures of people or numbers as well, depending on the machine's theme. 

Now, a player enters a coin or if online, they hit the 'Play' button, after depositing money. The machine now randomly moves all slots either horizontally or vertically. 

If you have all the objects or numbers matching in all slots or in some cases a few matches, you win some cash back or other prizes. Now that you have understood how to play slots let us understand the difference between new/online and old slot machines. 

A Comprehensive Difference Between Old and New Slot Machines

If you are a fan of classical American movies then you may have spotted the older slot machines. These machines work by the movement of gears and many such moving parts to display images in each of the slots inside the machine. 

On the other hand, an online machine does not have such gears but has a programming fit inside its logic board. The program is essentially an RNG (Random Number Generator) program. This program generates random numbers and players get a win if the numbers or the images linked to it match.

So the primary difference lies in one using gears and levers, while the other uses programming that generates random numbers.

How to Play and Win a Slot Game Like a Pro?

Let us start with how to play slots online, and then we can go for winning strategies. So to play slots online, on casino platforms you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit any casino playing platform online.

Step 2: Now you need to find the 'Online Slots' or 'Slots' category from the platform. 

Step 3: Choose a symbol or number that you think will be the most appropriate.

Step 4: Now hit the ‘Play’ button, or ‘Start Game’ as per the platform derivatives.

Step 5: You will win when the symbol or number of your choice matches among all the slots. 

It is quite easy to play, isn't it right, but there are a few technicalities involved when you are trying to win the game. So let us now focus on the strategies that you need to develop pre-gaming and win!

Strategies to Play Online Slots and Win a Fortune

Before hitting ‘Play’ or ‘Start Game’ let us see some of the strategies that can help you succeed in the game. Some of the winning strategies for slots from experienced punters are as follows:

1. Get a Hook of the RTP

RTP is a technical jargon among punters that represents the 'Return to Player' percentage. Slot RTP is the percentage of the money wagered by the player that a slot machine returns back to players. Theoretically, there are no practical winning strategies for slots thus, you need to ensure that a game returns a higher percentage to the players. 

Please keep in mind that this RTP is not for an individual player but for the overall number of games played by different individuals on a single machine or platform. If the RTP is high enough, there is a chance that you get more money back from the platform. Research the platform and the slot games for its RTP before you start playing!

2. Volatility Can Make Difference!

Try to understand or research the volatility of the slot machine or online slots before you start playing. In our slot games guide, we will make you aware of three different slot games' volatility:

High volatility: These are machines which offer fewer returns as compared to the number of plays. There is a low probability of grabbing a win in such volatility, but the returns are usually very high in their values. 

Low Volatility: When we are talking about low volatility, then the number of wins is usually higher for each individual playing games. The chances of getting a return are a lot higher! 

Medium Volatility: If the volatility is medium then, the number of wins per play can be greater than high volatility slots but lower than low volatility counterparts of the game. 

If you ask experienced punters then they usually pair two platforms or games, one having higher volatility and one having lower volatility to make a win! 

3. Familiarity with Machines or Platforms

One of the winning strategies for slot games online is to get familiar with the platform and test their machines. When you sign up for any platform, then you get a free bonus or spins bonus. Some platforms provide you with a weekly free spins bonus. You need to use these to understand the machine and when it gives a win. 

This is one of the best strategies to study the online slot machine and grab an idea as to when to play and how much to wager. There is a possibility of getting a pattern in the working of the machines, or you can get an idea of their RTP.

Suppose, you have played 20 times, and you got 7 slot matches and won a prize. This is enough to get a rough if not exact, RTP and volatility of the game. Use these calculations and devise a strategy that suits you for playing! 

4. Maxing Out on Your Bets

As per experienced punters and regular players of slot games, there is a chance to win if you are maxing out all your bets. However, please understand that this is only available for people with a larger bankroll. As per the strategy of maxing out on bets, if you consistently apply for larger bets then there is a chance of winning progressive jackpots. 

Progressive jackpots are one of the best live casino slot games that offer prize money based on a growing pool of cash from other players. In other words, it relies on multiple players and their contributions to give out a win. Although it is a good alternative to regular games, we do not recommend this for all players relying on our slot games guide. 

To Sum Up

Now that you are aware of how to play slots and their technicalities, we recommend you try out a few of the online casinos. Conduct some research and try to find out some of the unique winning strategies for online slots. As you know every punter has their own strategy for winning the game. Do not expect a miracle as everything here is just math! 

If you are good at understanding RTP and the volatility of the game, chances are you will gather wins more often. Get ready, set your bankroll right, and start to play!