Live Dealer Games Guide


One of the aspects of modern-day betting platforms is the live dealers that conduct some of the games. These live dealers are very smooth in their way of handling the game and provide a unique attraction for people. In this live dealer games guide we will discuss the key aspects of such dealers and how to take advantage of these humans for profits. 

Please make sure to note that such live dealers are not only present in one but several other casino platforms. These games are intended to be played online or offline depending on your comfort. Let us start understanding more about live dealer games and their uniqueness. 

Introduction to Live Dealer Games 

Live dealer games provide an authentic casino experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Instead of facing a computer algorithm, you get to play against a real human dealer through live video streaming. 

Live dealer games bridge the gap between online casinos and traditional land-based casinos. So, it is a great way to experience the same camaraderie as they do in a casino with an added bonus of real-time gameplay. Live dealer games cater to bettors of all skill levels. With easy-to-use interfaces and rules that are easy to understand, live dealer games are becoming increasingly popular in online gaming.

Although you may feel that live dealer games are a new addition, it is not! The idea for live dealers was already present, just that in the modern era people can use a stable internet connection and try these casino experiences.

How Dealers Operate?

While in most traditional casinos, you need to visit a place and then initiate a game, live dealers break such barriers. In our live dealer games guide you will notice that most of the physical casinos have a dedicated room for playing games using these dealers. The dealers are experienced and although they cannot see your moves, you can see theirs. 

The professional live dealer casinos have studio settings with light and audio, to ensure a great gameplay experience. 

How have Technological Advancements Influenced Live Dealer Games?

Earlier it was not possible for a punter to bet from anywhere, until now! There are a lot of platforms available online, for playing a match remotely. With advancements in WebRTC technology live streaming has become increasingly popular! 

Let us now shift our perspectives to the advantages of live dealer games for different casino games and platforms. 

Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette holds a special place in the hearts of all casino players. Not only the thrill of ball spinning and numbers popping makes the hearts of punter happy but also they are also able to get the service directly from their home. One of the advantages of live dealer roulette is that it connects all the players in a single betting table although they are miles apart. 

This is a cosy and straightforward experience for you to try out if you are an experienced punter. Moreover, the camera angles and directions make it a perfect way for you to play and win. Apart from that, you can make any strategy and you are sure that a dealer is unable to catch it by reading your face. 

One of the strategies of live dealer roulette is to make sure you are betting the right amount. Apart from that, when the dealer is unable to notice your moves or listen to your plans then you get more advantage. 

Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing live dealer blackjack is a treat for punters who are extremely burned down after a day at the office or a business meeting. Live blackjack online provides a lot of options for you to try out. 

This includes your chances to play seven-card or others at your convenience. Just sit back, relax and make playing live dealer blackjack a routine and gather profits just by sitting at your home. 

Over online there is no need to worry as the rules of the game remain the same and you just need to strategize and play well. One of the problems that blackjack lovers face is the compulsiveness to ‘hit’ when they see their fellow players get good card combinations. 

On the other hand, in an online live dealer mode, you do not see your competitors. Thus, you do not feel the compulsion to ask for a 'hit' rather you stand on the same ground. You can play peacefully without facing any disturbance. 

Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a staple game that you can find in any live casino game.  The game thrives in communication between the participants and the dealers. In an online mode of play, the dealer can still communicate online. The Baccarat is one of the best games that you can find in any online casino. Overall, the introduction to live dealer games in an online mode elevates the playing experience of the punters. 

Advantages of Live Dealer Games 

Some of the advantages of live dealer games are as follows:

1. Live Casino Feels Like ‘The Real Casino’

In our live dealer games guide you can get the idea that technological advancements have opened up a new avenue to play. Players can watch the game understand its dynamics and make themselves feel like they are in a real Las Vegas Casino. 

2. Play From Anywhere

You do not need to reach the nearest casino place and start your playing experience. You simply need to start your playing experience right from anywhere you feel comfortable. Live dealer games allow players to access a wide range of casino platforms from the comfort of their homes. 

This is one of the best advantages of live dealer games as it gives you the freedom to play from anywhere. 

3. Enhanced Security

Most computer algorithm games do not have any security against mistakes that a player may make accidentally. If you press a button to increase the wager mistakenly there is generally no chance to edit if the game starts. However, with live dealers, you have a chance to edit the wager and communicate any issues that you have directly to them. 

Disadvantages of Live Dealer Games

One of the disadvantages of playing live dealer blackjack games is its costly nature! The live dealers need to be paid by the casino institution itself, thus it increases the cost per game. Apart from that, there is also a technical issue when the speed of the internet connection drops and the game is unable to load. These issues hamper the playing experience abruptly. 

Moreover, with live dealer games, the pace of the game is comparatively slower than the computer games. Although the dealers have a lot of expertise, as they are humans the shuffling and distribution or allocation of cards becomes slower than computer games. 

How to Find a Live Dealer Games?

To find a live dealer game, you can try the following steps:

Visit any online website where there is a section for live games.

You will find a number of games that have 'live' written before them.

Just click on the game and start playing! 

Do read all the instructions of the platform or the games properly before you start. 

To sum up

This live dealer games guide has explained the different aspects of live casino games and how they bring the excitement of real casino experiences to players. There are numerous advantages such as a physical casino feel, the convenience of playing from anywhere, and enhanced security features. 

They also come with shortcomings such as higher costs per game, and potential technical issues. Slower gameplay compared to computerised games is also a problem that can be solved in a live casino. Despite these limitations, the popularity of live dealer games continues to rise, providing punters with immersive and interactive gaming experiences.