Sports Betting Guide


Sports betting is not a new concept, it has been popular since the Olympic games since 800-700 BC. In ancient Rome, betting was popular in some games and races! Thus, there is a natural tendency among people to place bets in such games. In this sports betting guide, we will discuss a few features and strategies along with details that will help improve your playing experience. 

Without much further ado, let us start with sports betting and the intricacies it generally involves. 

Understanding Sports Betting 

Sports betting is an acitivity where you put money to place bets against the outcome of a sports game. 

In sports betting, you need to select the game in which you want to place your bet! Once you have done that, you need to select a team that you think may win the game. Once you are done with the selection, then you can place your bets. As you have understood the process of putting a bet in general is not that strong. 

Now that you have understood more about sports betting, let us see some keys points to know for sports betting:

NFL is one of the most competitive sports where you may place your bets. One of the advantages here is small market movements.

Home Field Advantage or Home turf is a small thing that if you notice, you have a better chance to increase your winnings. You can place more bets on teams that have home-field advantage!

Divisional match-ups have a greater chance of winning. Moreover, identifying historical trends within the divisional games provides you with a better chance to predict their outcomes. Simply use this prediction and make sure to bet on the right team. 

Injury Analysis is also a great tip if you are well acquainted with players of a specific league. Such an analysis helps you to get insights into how a team may perform. 

Analyse the goalies! If you find that the goalkeepers have had a good form in recent days then you can assess the overall goals that they may suffer. 

Apart from these, there are several other factors that you may analyse and get an idea of the team’s performance. As you have understood the basics and strategies of sports betting let us understand the sports betting types.

Types of Sports Betting

For most sports betting there are four betting types available. These betting types are as follows:





These are the core betting types that a punter easily recognise as they enter a sports betting platform. Just remember that in any game there are underdogs and favourites, underdogs have a better payout than the favourites. Let us understand each of the sports betting types in detail:

Moneylines: This is simple to play, and understand. The game requires you to bet on any team that you feel is the best. You may bet at any time and the odds then are recorded. If your team wins then you receive the wager and the odds multiplication at the same time. 

Spreads: Otherwise known as ‘point spread’ it is a type of sports betting where the underdog and the favourites are provided a point of equality. As the game progresses the chances of getting a win are almost the same. 

Totals: Commonly known as over/under bet, where you just need to bet on the average score being over or under the number set by the dealer or sportsbook. 

Parlays: This is a simple technique where a punter asks to combine two or more bets into one. This is a simple technique to diversify the risks of bets, and gather wins easily!

Now that you have understood each type of sports betting let us understand some of the strategies that you may use to win!

Research the market where you are placing your bet. It is important to understand whether the team has a great record in their gameplay.

Set a limit or budget on betting, do not cross this limit! Always try to understand which team is more likely to win than the other. 

Try to understand the odds for a particular game, if you think that the odds are too much to risk then avoid those bets. 

Try to focus on one sport only, do not try to diversify yourself. Gather a good understanding of only one sport to ensure wins while you bet. 

Do not bet because you feel emotional towards a team. Try to keep your logical thinking awake and respond accordingly!

It is a common occurrence for several bookmakers offering diverse betting odds for the same game. Try to grab hold of a bookmaker that helps you achieve the best odds and continue!

These are some of the advanced strategies for sports betting that you require to get a better outcome for your game. 

Best Sports to Place Your Bets

Some of the best sports where you can place a bet and expect a return are as follows:

Football: Available betting types are, double chance, first goalscorer, and both teams to score.

Tennis: Available betting types for betting in this sport are, first-set winner, handicap betting, and ‘totals’ betting. 

Horse Racing: Some of the available betting types here are, win, place, and show.

Cricket: Types of bets that you can place here are, Innings run, team of the top bowler, and coin toss winner.

Rugby: Available markets for placing a bet are, tournament top scorer, winning margin, and team to score the first try. 

Boxing: Arguably some of the best markets here are, the method of victory, round group betting, and go the distance. 

Apart from these, there are several other sports that you may try and put a bet on. Please ensure to understand the game and the odds that it has before randomly placing a bet!

Wrapping Up!

As you have understood it is simple for you to start sports betting, but you need some know-how. In this sports betting guide, we have covered all the related aspects that can help you win money. Apart from that, most of the sports betting websites have information related to odds. So, you just need to go through the website and understand all the details. 

Remember, betting involves a significant amount of luck, and if the odds are high then it might compromise your predictions. Always try to research the team that you are choosing for placing a bet! Do not bet more than you can bargain. Play safe and do not go broke in the process.