Roulette Guide


Have you ever watched a movie where James Bond places a huge sum of money as a bet on a Roulette table? Well, Roulette is a classic and major game in casinos worldwide. It involves players placing bets on where a small ball lands on a numbered wheel spinning in the opposite direction. 

It offers various betting options, each with different odds, making it a game of chance and strategy. If you have ever wondered how to master Roulette and grab a win, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will find the basics of understanding roulette, its strategies and how to play and win BIG!

Understanding Roulette: A Game Where Wheel Spins!

Welcome to our roulette guide where we will cover everything that you need to know about roulette. Roulette is a game of strategy and luck both combined in the same place. So let us start by understanding how to play!

The typical game of Roulette starts in the following manner:

The game of Roulette commences with the placement of bets on a table adorned with numbers. Players are prompted by the dealer or host to select their betting positions, anticipating the landing spot of the small marble as the wheel spins. 

Subsequently, as wagers reach their conclusion, the dealer halts further betting activities and proceeds to set the wheel in motion, releasing the ball into its spin. Victory ensues if the ball coincides with the number chosen by the player.

This is a simple concept of the game. In other words, you may compare the game with a game of dice but remastered with a spin top. Apart from that, in an online roulette, there is also a scope for you to conduct inside or outside bets. Let us now proceed to understand the types of bets available for a player in roulette in brief:

Inside Bets 

If you are betting on specific numbers then it is coined as an inside bet. These can be on one number or a connected group of numbers. Make sure to understand as you are very specific in inside bets, the risks of making losses are high! In our roulette guide, we do not recommend playing inside bets if you have a lower risk tolerance.

Now there are several types of inside bets, let us get insights about them:

Straight up: Here you are betting only on a single number that you think dice or ball will roll into.

Split: A split bet involves selecting two numbers to diversify winning chances. Players place their chips between the chosen numbers to make the bet.

Corner Bets: If you bet on numbers forming a square on the betting table, it constitutes a corner bet. Wagers are placed in the corner of the betting table, shaping a square.

Street: This is a bet on three numbers that you choose. If you place the chips on the border of these three numbers then you have a street bet.

Six Line: This bet makes use of six numbers in a row, just place your chips on the border and let the wheel spin!

Outside Bets 

If you are here for winning roulette-betting strategies we advise you to try outside bets. Players place these outside bets against entire sections of numbers present on the board. As these outside bets are played for a large section of numbers, the chances of winning are high but the payout is low. However, it is better to win less, rather than lose it all in inside bets.

Let us look at some of the outside roulette betting types available for you to choose from:

Column: If you start betting on whole columns of numbers then it qualifies under column bet. The payout is 2:1 and the bet is lost if the ball lands on 0 or 00.

Even/Odd: This is one of the most popular roulette games, where a player either bets on the even or the odd numbers. The bet needs to be placed in the ‘Even’ or ‘Odd’ section in the table.

High/Low: If you are betting for numbers between 1-18, or 19-36, then it is called a high/low bet. If there is any house edge (00) present then it will increase the house edge.

Red/Black: If you are just wagering on whether the next number will be red or black. Pretty straightforward approach in Roulette.

Dozens: If you are betting on one dozen numbers that is 1-12, 12-24, or 24-36.

Types of Wheel in Roulette 

If you are well acquainted with the types of bets that you can place, let us move ahead! Understanding the types of wheels is important for a smoother roulette experience.

Wheels of Fortune

Let us understand how two different roulette variations and wheel types are differing:

American Roulette Wheel: The Roulette wheel contains all the numbers starting from 1-36, but has 0, and 00. Generally, the 00 adds an extra house edge percentage, which is not 1% but varies as per bets you make.

European Roulette Wheel: On the other hand, in a European Roulette wheel there is only one '0' present apart from the rest of the numbers. This is a simple roulette and most of the casinos have European Roulette wheels unless specified.

Strategies to Win a Game of Roulette

Coming so far in our roulette guide reading makes sense if you are trying to win! So let us give you a treat by highlighting different roulette betting strategies that you can use and play online.

D’Alembert Strategy for Roulette

As per this strategy, you place a 1% of the bankroll as a bet. Suppose you have $200 to spare, then we set the budget for the first bet to 1% of 200, which is $2.

Now put five units of $2 bets, that is $10. If you lose then increase your stake by $2, but if you win then decrease your stake by $2. This is one of the most advanced roulette tactics that you may use to win.

Parlay Strategy of Roulette

This is just the opposite of the famous martingale strategy of betting. People also refer to the parlay strategy as the parole betting system. Here the concept is very simple, as you double your bet when you win and reduce the bet when you lose. Punters generally utilise this as another advanced roulette tactic to secure a win.

In addition to these, specific betting strategies like the double street betting strategy emphasize placing a corner bet and another straight bet. These strategies simply aim to diversify betting risks.

To sum up

In this roulette guide, we have discussed most of the information that can help you with confident betting. Roulette has been a pastime game for several players and punters; the game has evolved only slightly. There is a lot of scope for you to win a game of roulette provided you have the right mindset and tactics.

Understanding roulette is important before you start playing! Moreover, one may face several financial and emotional risks by playing online roulette. So, try to avoid getting bankrupt or playing roulette on loan. Take care of yourself and manage your bankroll effectively!