Blackjack Guide


Casino games are not only based on luck but also a clear strategy is also needed. One of such interesting ones is Blackjack. It is a popular card game where players aim to beat the dealer's hand without exceeding a total of 21. It involves strategic decisions based on card values and probabilities.

So, if you are interested in hitting on strategy-based games, let us help you out with our blackjack guide.  We have discussed the basics and smart strategies of blackjack here. 

What is a Blackjack?

Blackjack also known as '21' is an exciting game that revolves around the sum total of numbers in a card. The point is, the total number obtained must not go beyond 21. The rules of this game are simple and it requires strategy and your ability to count cards. 

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that your fellow players are not directly there to compete. You need to score against a dealer and grab a win. 

The technicalities of blackjack are quite simple. Keep in mind that you have to score near 21 or 21 before a dealer. However, if you are scoring more than 21 then you lose that game. 

Now that you have understood some of the basics of blackjack, let us continue our blackjack guide by addressing a few more rules.  

Understanding Blackjack: Rules and Things You Need to Follow

If you are unable to remember card values in a game of blackjack, the chances are you spoil your chance to win. Therefore, we think that addressing the basics of blackjack concerning card values is important. See below card values and other terminologies in a game of blackjack:

Card Values: Cards from numbers 2-10 hold the face value same as the card number. In a simple way, if you have a card that has a value of 5 then regardless of the diamonds, or spades its value will be 5. However, for the face cards like Jack, King, and Queen, the face value is always 10. Aces can have a variable value of 1 or 11. The value of Aces depends on what is favourable for the player. 

The Deal: The game starts with a dealer receiving two cards from a shuffled deck. One of the cards that a dealer receives is face-up and the other is face-down. On the other hand, a player receives both cards in a face-up fashion. 

Player’s Turn: After receiving the cards, you may check the values obtained and go for a ‘hit’. If you opt for ‘hit’ then you get another card. Players have to call ‘hit’ until the total value of cards in their hand reaches 21. However, if the player chooses ‘stand’ then they keep their current hand in the game. Moreover, you lose when you go over 21 cards automatically. 

Dealer's Turn: Once all the players have made a decision it is the time for the dealer to get cards. The dealer also calls 'hit' until the minimum value in their hand has reached 17. If the dealer exceeds the hand of 21, then he 'busts' or loses and the players win. 

Winning: Either the dealer or the player wins if they are closer to 21 than the other. There is a possibility that the player and the dealer have equal numbers as their combined value of cards. Then the 'push' is initiated and the game ends in a draw. 

Blackjack: If the player receives an Ace and a 10 value card which can be a card with a face value of 10, a King, Queen, or a Jack, as their initial cards then they are called 'Blackjack'. The payout for such a scenario is 3:2 odds unless the dealer also has a blackjack. If the dealer also has a blackjack then it is a push. 

Mastering 5 Smart Blackjack Strategies

Initially, the blackjack strategies and tips were given by US Army Engineers in 1950, which is defined by present observations. At present, these strategies are devised after countless game simulations and observing online matches. 

 Let us understand some tricks and strategies for playing blackjack:

Stand on 17 or more: According to the "stand on 17 or more" rule in blackjack, the dealer must stand (not draw another card) when their hand reaches a total of 17 or higher. This rule is standard in most blackjack games, limiting the dealer's risk of being caught while maximising player opportunities. So, even when the dealer is trying to confuse you by showing an Ace or 10 card, try to hold the ground in this position rather than improve it further. 

Doubling Down on the number 11: If you already have made 11 using the first two cards in the game. Then it is a good way to start, this will help you to maximise the profits that you can get. 

Splitting 8 and Aces: It is generally a great strategy for you to split a pair of eights and pairs of aces as the starting hand. This is a great strategy but if the dealer has 10 and 7 then it is better to stand. 

Do not Split 10s: If you have 10s then try not to split them. Having a 20 from the start of the game gives you a better probability of winning. This is one of the most advanced blackjack techniques to grab a win. 

Stand on 13,14, 15, or 16: If you see that the dealer is having 2,3,4,5 or 6 then it is better to stand. If the dealer has a higher up-card it is best to try to hit. If the surrender is available, using it on 16, against 9,10 or the Ace cards is a good strategy to win. 

How to Choose the Best Platform for Playing Blackjack?

While there are many platforms available for you to choose from, blackjack rules and variations are almost the same on any platform. To choose the best platform, try these out:

Step 1: Visit the platform and make sure that they have a good reputation

Step 2: Try to get an idea of how many wins a player obtains playing 10 games. 

Step 3: Make sure to play games with reputed and trusted Dealers only!

Step 4: Check for any restrictions in the platform or any wagering limits. 

Step 5: Try out the game in Demo mode, if you like it, start playing online!

Play safe and do not over bet in any game, always try to follow these cautionary statements while playing a game:

Do not use loans for playing blackjack.

Try to have a thorough understanding of the game. 

Do not risk more than you can bet. Managing bankroll is important to make fewer losses.

Play on safe platforms that have good deposit and withdrawal facilities available. 

Summing Up

In our blackjack guide, we tried to cover all the basic aspects and strategies to win this game. Try to remember these advanced blackjack techniques and apply them while you are playing. Do not get nervous while playing and try to gather a win as soon as possible. Pay attention to the table rules where you are playing and do not break them. 

As always, it is better if you are playing safely and do not risk more than what you can bargain in the game. Play safe!