How to Win at Online Roulette?


Roulette is one of the oldest casino games. Online roulette is the digital version of classic roulette where you predict the final position of the ball in the spinning wheel. The wheel has some numbered slots (0-36) and you can bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, red or black coloured numbers, etc. Bettors can win the game if the ball stops at their predicted position. 

Luck is a major factor to win this game. However, you can use your own strategies and gameplay tricks to increase your winning chances. Today you will get a guide of how to win at online roulette by reading this blog.

Guide to Win Online Roulette

Online roulette can be played at online casinos without visiting the casinos physically. You can play in live casinos or you can bet on computerised online roulette. To play roulette you have to know the basic rules, strategies of the game. Here is a brief guide to master your online roulette skills.

Game Rules

Before tips and strategies you have to know – how you play casino roulette.At first the players use a specific coloured chip to bet. Every player uses different coloured chips to avoid confusion. You can bet on a particular number from 0-36. You can predict for even or odd, black or red numbers, number’s row, group of numbers, etc. There are no restrictions for multiple bets but you have to pay for every bet individually. If the ball stops at your predicted position, you win the round. Betting on an individual number can give you the highest returns upon winning the bet compared to even or odds.

Types of Bets

Mainly there are two types of bet in online roulette. 

Inside Bets

The risk reward ratio is the highest in this mode where you can bet on a particular number. If your prediction is correct, you can get up to 35:1 reward. For example, if you bet ₹100, you will get ₹3,500 + ₹100 = ₹3,600. But, if you lose, your total amount will be zero.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are not as risky as inside bets. Here you can bet on a group of numbers, even & odds, black & red, etc. As the risk is low, the reward is 2:1. For instance, if you bet ₹100, you will get ₹200 + ₹100 = ₹300

In both cases, your returns will be zero for wrong predictions. To increase your winning chances, check how to win in casino roulette. 

Tips and Strategies

Follow Different Strategies

You can follow these strategies to win your next online roulette games. Here are some popular strategies you should know:

Positive/Negative Progression Strategy

In a positive progression method you increase the wager amount after each win.

For negative progression strategy you increase the wager amount even if you lose the game. 

Paroli Betting System

In this betting system, players double their betting amount after each win until three consecutive wins. This strategy can help you to get a higher payout.


In Parlay strategy you will add your winning amount for the next bet with your previous wager. For example, you bet ₹100 and you win ₹200. Therefore, the wager of your next wound will be ₹300.

This is a commonly used betting strategy for online roulette.

Two Column (or Dozen) System

Two column or two dozen betting strategy allows you to bet on 24 numbers at once. This strategy can be used for line or corner based inside betting.

Make Outside Bets

Outside bets are less risky than inside bets. If you want to win the game with low risk, try to place more outside bets. This will help you to get a 2:1 or 1:1 return on your investments. When you think that you have enough confidence and experience to play inside bets, try to start with them.

Follow the Trend

In online roulette, you and other people can join the same round and everyone can bet as per their strategies. You can bet by following the trend on the current game. But there is no surety that following a trend will help you to win on a long term basis.

Study the Table Properly

Before betting on a particular casino you should know the Roulette table properly to make correct inside and outside bets. Until you are an expert you should not try to bet inside. This is very risky. The winning probability is very low for inside bets.

Minimise Losses

Minimising your losses is one of the most important strategies in any betting platform. If you lose a game you have to bear the losses. If you think you have to recover your all losses from the next bets you are going to face huge losses. Do not engage in revenge betting.

Set up Your Budget

Before you bet on any game or platform, you should create a budget. You may calculate the risks and other things like – budget of every bet, how you can make up your losses, etc. 

How to Start

Now, you have some ideas about the advanced strategies for online roulette. But if you are a new player at online roulette you have to know that – how you can kickstart your betting journey. Here are some steps:

Shortlist Betting Sites

Before opening your betting account check online reviews about the online casino site. Check if it is licensed or not, withdrawal success rate, customer feedback and ratings, etc. When you find a genuine website, first open your account there and check the overall user interface to get a good knowledge about all the features.

Start With Free Bets

Try to play trial games. You can see the live games to understand the trend and table properly. After some paper practices and free bets, load money to your betting account.

Try Small Bets

A smart bettor always starts with small bets and does not rush to get more and more profits. Your greed can destroy you because your luck is also working with your strategy. Luck can go any side and there is no guaranteed return.

Online roulette is a very good opportunity to earn extra income. But, it is a high-risk high-return investment. Everything is dependent on your skills, expertise, smart betting strategy and luck. This guide on how to win at online Roulette will help you play better and earn more in this game.