How to Spot Hidden Casino Bonus Terms?


A player can get access to several casino bonus terms and win exciting games. Some websites offer such bonuses while you are signing up for them. However, in some websites, they are hidden behind several pieces of information present in a page. Although most websites have a page dedicated to 'bonuses and promotions' they may have some additional information that you need to know. 

Let us discover some ways to get hidden bonuses from online casino platforms.  

Spotting Hidden Casino Bonus Terms

Casino bonus terms and conditions are not always present directly in front of a user. However, that does not mean that they are not available for players. It is easy for a player to get access into exciting casino bonus terms and promotions by following these steps:

Step 1: Log in or Sign up to your account in any online casino platform. 

Step 2: Now you can visit the homepage of your chosen platform. 

Step 3: You may receive a ‘Welcome bonus’ once you log in, or you may visit the ‘Bonus’ sections of the platform.

Step 4: You may visit a particular game category. For example, you may visit the ‘Online Slots’ section of a platform. Below the game, some websites provide notifications about new bonuses active in their platform.  

Step 5: Additionally, visit ‘Bonuses’ or ‘Promotions’ sections of the Live Casino platforms for getting attractive deals. 

Step 6: Visit ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the online casino platform. On some platforms, they have additional steps for redeeming bonuses for players. 

Additionally, you are eligible for some hidden bonuses that the platform does not reveal unless you deposit. These bonuses include a cashback on their deposits or free spins in a slot machine. Let us understand how to grab these casino bonus terms online.

Step 1: Visit the payments page or deposit page of your favourite casino platform.

Step 2: Now enter a small amount to deposit. You may find out how to grab exciting cashback offers on casinos in their terms and conditions. 

Step 3: Enter the amount and wait for the account information update. 

Step 4: You may receive a pop-up on your screen to redeem cashback offers or get some bonus money for playing. Please find out which games are available for playing with bonuses. 

Step 5: Continue playing! 

In many cases, some platforms also host weekly or special day offers. For example, a platform may have a ‘Monday Special Offer’. Follow these simple steps to activate such hidden live casino bonus terms:

Step 1: Visit the platform where you want to play.

Step 2: Now click ‘Promotions’ on their homepage.

Step 3: A list of promotional offers reveal themselves.

Step 4: From here, you can choose and use special offers that you like.  

In some cases, there are some hidden offers available to a player after they have won a bet. For example, if you win a casino game, you may receive a bonus in your account subject to your confirmation. However, you have to be an active player to get such benefits from the platform. 

Usually, an active player can claim many such hidden benefits from their ‘Promotions’ tab online. It is beneficial to explore the following places listed below in online casino platforms:

‘Terms and Conditions’ page of casino platform

Customer Support

Gambling Policies

Play Guidelines

These pages may have some additional information for casino bonus terms online. Although it will take a lot of your time to read through, it is a good habit. You will know all bonus offers that you may be eligible to get. 

Some platforms also host special live casino games, where you may be lucky to find some offers. Large prize tournaments are also a feature that many such casino owners release from time to time. Additionally, many casino sites also have a membership feature like Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you are an active player and have enough deposits or wins, you can access these offers!

Sometimes a platform may have other offers published in their social media handles. In that case, you need to subscribe to their channels to access such offers. However, you must remember that these platforms don’t always offer you cashback or bonuses. At times, they offer free spins and chances to play a specific game only. Hence, choose your games wisely!

Benefits of Getting Casino Bonus for Players

There are several benefits of getting casino bonuses for players. Some of which include, free spins and chances to win 1X or 2X of wagers. Additionally, some casinos may offer you free bets on live sports games. How will these bonuses affect you?

Well, first it provides you a chance to claim additional rewards and money. You must remember that casinos work only when your luck works! Thus, getting an additional bonus may help you play at times when you are not lucky. Additionally, if you win an enormous cashback offer, you can use it to multiply your profits. 

Think of a situation where you have no money to deposit. However, you get some free spins as a slots bonus! There is a chance to literally double what you have lost through such schemes. Therefore, casino bonuses work in a dual way; it benefits both casinos and a player. 

Some casinos also provide ‘FPPs’ (Frequent Player Prizes) to their active players, which you may use to place a bet. Thus, there are multiple benefits for a player that try their luck dealing in online live games. However, most of the FPPs are not directly encashable and have to be placed as a wager in some games.

Bonuses on Different Game Platforms

Let us list some exclusive casino bonus terms available online for players:

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is one of the favourite platforms for Indians to bet! On this platform, you get an exciting welcome bonus. You can receive up to ₹1,00,000 as a welcome bonus by joining the platform. Additionally, you get some free spin bonuses from this platform, which is hidden at first!

SpringBok Casino

You can win a deposit bonus of ₹250, allowed for playing slots. This offer is accessible exclusively for players having an account with them. 

Slotwhales Casino

They have a ‘no-deposit bonus code’ (“CHIPY5”) for their players. By using this bonus code, beginners get an exclusive bonus of €5. This bonus is available for playing on their online platform. 


This platform has exclusive offers for players that are active on their platform. You can get offers starting from ‘free spins’ or slot bonuses. Additionally, you may also get some exclusive cashback offers after your first deposit. 

Thus, to increase player retention in their platforms and promote their games, they offer some bonuses. These bonuses not only help you in achieving wins, but also keeps your interest growing in the game. 

In conclusion, a player may get several bonuses. However, you need to find those offers in specific sections of casino sites. Some casino bonus terms are helpful for a player to obtain maximum benefits. Although you should be aware of some important conditions, you must fulfil them. Playing online live casinos invites risk of going broke, so please play cautiously! Do not play or bet more than you can afford.