How to Play JetX?


If you are a fan of aviation then you have probably heard of JetX. For starters, it is an easy game for beginners to play. There are not many technicalities involved in playing this game. It is simple and this guide will help you boost your playing experience!

Without much delay let us understand how to play JetX?

How to Play and Win JetX? 

This guide will help you know how to win at JetX in some simple steps. Firstly, JetX is a simple game where an aeroplane flies high in the sky. This is an animated version of a real aeroplane, which takes off! This plane will fly and at some point, it will crash. However, in some cases, a missile may shoot it down. 

Secondly, you need to guess the instant when this plane will crash. A multiplier will always flash on your screen until it crashes. Thirdly, you will have to cash out before the plane crashes! Let us see in steps how to play JetX?

Step 1: Visit your favourite online betting site.

Step 2: Search and reach for ‘Slot Games’ options in the platform. 

Step 3: Now search for ‘JetX’, ‘Aviatorgamez’, or ‘Aviator’ on that platform. 

Step 4: You will find that game with a flying plane.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Play Now’ button.

Step 6: Place your bet by increasing or decreasing the bet value using the '+' bar in the 'bet section'. 

Step 7: Once you start to play, wait for the appropriate moment, and then cash out!

The gameplay is simple and it is an online slot machine game guided by RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is the core mechanic of this game. Here a plane flies as long as an RNG system allows. However, at a random moment, the algorithm makes the plane crash or get hit by a missile. Sometimes the plane bursts at random depending on the developer of that game or a platform. 

Thus, we hope we have resolved your query on how to play Jetx?

Now, we answer, how to win at JetX? You have to follow some steps to win the JetX game. These steps are simple and this makes it easy for players and beginners to use the betting platform. 

Step 1: Before starting to play, bet on smaller multipliers rather than larger ones.

Step 2: Start a game by clicking on the ‘Play’ button.

Step 3: On average, every 1/7 second there is a possibility of a plane exploding. Keep calculating this time during play!

Step 4: After 5-6 seconds of gameplay, you can cash out your winnings. As a game lasts for only 5-6 seconds. Sometimes it may last more than that subject to a developer and platform’s needs.

Step 5: You may cash out as soon as possible rather than waiting for the last moment of a play duration.

Step 6: Lastly, try to get an idea of ‘multipliers’ a winner in the game is using! This will give you an idea of the return rate on that platform. 

Always keep in mind that JetX game rules are simple! You should not wait too much or you may lose. However, observing a match before playing can give you a fair idea about any patterns that RNG is using for gameplay. Read below to find some more strategies that may help you out in winning JetX!

JetX Game Strategies

Luck is not the only factor that helps you win JetX. Strategies are an essential tool that will help you maximise your gains from this game. Therefore, without much delay let us start with a few JetX game strategies that you can use in your game plays:

Strategy With Low-Risk Minimum Multipliers

In this strategy, a player uses a multiplier amount of 1.5x - 2x for gameplay. Therefore, you may have a bet amount of ₹10, and you play for ‘5’ times. On average, you deposit ₹50 for the game, and with a win or loss, you are left with ₹60 to ₹70. Profits are low but you do not risk losing this game!

Strategy With Moderate Risk

Here, you can choose a betting amount of ₹10 and bet 5 times in a row. Go for a 2x multiplier in each round. On average your winning amount will range from ₹100 to ₹80 taking both wins and loss in a game. This assumes an overall probability of win is 40% for a player. 

Check this data before playing by understanding the patterns of players already present in a game!

Very High-Risk Strategy With High Multipliers

In a high-risk strategy, a player uses a multiplier of about 100x or more. However, in such cases, the winning probability of a player is only 1%. To get a hang of return rates players need to understand recent trends in gameplay. 

Usually, a veteran player places a high bet 25-40 minutes after the last highest bet. Sometimes a player may also place a high bet amount, 1 hour after the last high bet. Additionally, you can also gather a day’s worth of statistics for getting an idea to place a high bet. 

Placing a high bet means risking more money in a play! Thus, you must have enough risk appetite before placing such a bet. Do not bet more than 90% of the previous multiplier while you place a bet. 

Two Simultaneous Betting Strategy

This strategy requires a player to place two simultaneous bets in a single play. Use a single bet amount and divide it into equal halves. Place your first bet in an auto mode of 2x cash out. Now place the next bet, which is also called an insurance bet in manual cash-out mode. Use this insurance bet for a mid-risk gameplay. 

Please note the first bet can be higher than the second insurance bet for obtaining a net profit on average. It depends on a player what type of division of betting amount they create for a profit.

Paroli System

Paroli system of betting involves increasing the next bet after a win. However, you have to reduce the bet amount by the same amount if you lose a game. This is an old system of progressive betting which you may use for getting better odds in a JetX game. 

Martingale JetX Tactics

This strategy is suitable for game plays involving lower bet amounts. This strategy uses a 2x multiplier for gameplay that has an overall probability of 50%. You can select a basic bet and then play. If you win, bet the same amount. However, if you lose, you may double the bet amount for the next game. 

These strategies are just suggestive and one has to ensure multiple factors before using them. You must understand that betting uses real money deposits and each bet you lose costs you. Thus, you must ensure that you are playing safely and not losing too much money! 

Top Platforms to Play JetX

Some popular sites that you may choose while playing JetX are listed below:



Mega Pari

Odds 96

888 Starz

Apart from these sites, you may choose other sites for playing JetX online. Please ensure that your chosen platform has simple rules to play and withdraw what you win. 

Hope we have explained to you how to play JetX accurately! Now you may move over to such platforms, which have JetX and try your luck. You may use some strategies during play. However, keep in mind that a ‘Random Number Generator’, guides JetX, hence, strategies are not always fruitful. 

You must ensure that you have enough resources to play JetX as it requires real money. Please be cautious while you bet and restrict yourself when you are losing. Do not go broke while playing an online game!