How to Master Online Poker?


Here we will present you a guide to master online Poker! Poker is a game where a group of five competitive cards decides your winnings. Game plays are available in many forms and they have different sets of rules. Due to advancements in information technology networks, online poker is a sought-after game by players. 

Let us understand the techniques to master online poker and rules you must remember.

How to Play Online Poker? 

Playing Poker is simple, and to master online poker you need a stepwise guide. There are a variety of Poker games available online, but let's start with a basic overview with 5 cards poker. Ensure that you follow each step very carefully as it is a high-stakes game. 

Step 1: The game starts with a player sitting left to a dealer and continues in clockwise fashion.  You can place a small bet amount at this stage. However, a player left to you will place a bigger bet known as 'blinds'. Betting equal amounts by players are 'ante' bets. 

Step 2: You will be receiving 5 cards in total from a deck of 52 cards. Out of these 5 cards, 3 cards will be face up and 2 will be your hole cards. These 3 face-up cards are also essentially 'Flop Cards'.

Step 3: Do not reveal your hole cards to anyone until the next round! 

Step 4: In the next round, you turn one of your cards other than 2 hole cards. This is your fourth card in a row. 

Step 5: Next round of betting starts, do not bet more than you can bargain! 

Step 6: After placing a bet you need to turn up your fifth card! This stage is also called ‘river’.

Step 7: In this round, you reveal all cards that you have including 2 private cards. You win if you have particular combinations of five cards. 

Apart from these steps, there are some other rules to gear up and make a good online Poker strategy. Do not act rudely with players at the table. This is against house rules in several casinos. You should not reveal or discuss your hole cards with anyone at a Poker table. 

Do not try to bluff your opponents unless it is convenient for you. Bluffing opponents is good for a television show but not for a real online casino game. Poker is a game that involves strategy and collecting information. Thus, it is advised for beginners to have a strong lookout and refrain from playing loose. 

You must play tight and aggressively with your hole cards as they can determine if you win or lose. Do not 'Hit and Run', that is do not leave a Poker match midway during a game after winning a huge pot. Lastly, do not misrepresent your actions in a Poker game. These are some important online Poker tips for beginners to follow!

Combinations Of Poker Cards That May Ensure You A Win!

Understanding the combination of cards is important in a Poker game. Poker combinations represent specific sets of cards and their numbers that ensure a clear win. There can be several card combinations which may help you win. We will discuss such cards from their strongest to weakest values in a Poker game. 

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is the strongest of all card combinations. They have general combinations of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit. If you have this combination in a game of Poker then it is an absolute win for you! In some games, the suit of the card does not matter in determining its rank. This makes royal flush unbeatable in a game of Poker.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush is a sequential combination of cards of the same suit. A straight flush can have 7, 8, 9, 10, and a Jack, of the same suit. In the case of a straight flush, its rank is determined by the value of its highest card. For example, if your card combination has 'Ace' as the highest card then it is called 'Ace-High Straight Flush'. 

If two players have a straight flush combination then the highest-ranking card of each player is seen. The one with the highest ranking wins!

Four Of A Kind

This is a combination of card ranks below ‘Straight Flush’. The combination consists of all four cards of the same ranks, although their suit may be different. Here the fifth card is not considered for a play. 

The Full House

The full house contains three cards of the same ranking. However, in this case, the fourth card and fifth card may be different. For example, if you have three kings and two jacks then it qualifies for a full house!


In this case, combinations of cards are usually of the same suit. Flush is a powerful combination in a Poker game, although it has some vulnerabilities. Generally, the power of a flush is dependent on the ranking of each card and the number of players present for a pot.


In a ‘Straight’ the criterion includes five cards in the same sequence but not mandatorily from the same suit. Thus, if you have five cards in the order of 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 but from different suits then you have a straight. 

 Three Of A Kind

Here a player has three cards of the same rank, however, their suits may be different. Thus, a player having three Queens and other unrelated cards then holds 'Three of a Kind'. However, in case of a tie-breaker, the person with higher rankings in terms of their three cards wins. 

Two Pairs

In this combination, a player has one pair of cards of the same rank and another pair of a different rank. The fifth card can be an unrelated card for a player. In this case, the suit of a pair of cards does not have any importance. 


A pair is any two cards having the same rank. The other three cards are unrelated, and they comprise the lowest ranking in Poker. Pair is vulnerable to other combinations, and generally garners some risk. Tie-breakers are done by evaluating the highest-ranking pair in a player's hand. 

High Card

This is most vulnerable in a Poker table. Here multiple cards do not have any patterns among them. This is a bad combination and you are likely to lose if you have it. 

Terms Associated With A Poker Game

Let us understand some key terms that are associated with playing Poker:

All In: When a player bets everything they have for a game.

Ante: A forced bet (usually a small amount) that everyone playing needs to pay.

Blinds: A forced bet in Texas Hold’em.

Bluff: A bet with weak hands that lets other players fold. 

Fold: To abandon a bet as someone else has placed a higher bet amount. 

Mechanic: A player who manipulates cards for their benefit.

Hole Cards: Private cards that a player holds are revealed at the end. 

High: Best hand in a play.

Flop: First three cards in a game also called Community Card. 

These terms are important for understanding a Poker game. Once you hear these terms in a table you should be cautious and design a strategy. 

Different Types Of Poker Games Played Online

There are several varieties of Poker available online. Each of these games has some key differences and playing methods. Some popular Poker games available online for players are, Texas Hold'em, Seven-card Stud, Five-card Draw, Omaha and High Low Chicago. Texas Hold'em is one of the classic Poker games available online for players. 

The number of players that can play Poker games ranges from 2-14. However, ideally a game consists of 6,7 or at times 8 players only. The players compete among themselves to win a ‘pot’. This ‘pot’ contains all bets that are placed by players in a game. 

In conclusion, there are several Poker games available online. It is easy to master online Poker, and it requires a little practice. Additionally, one has to learn several card combinations that ensure a win. Please remember playing Poker risks real money cautious playing is highly recommended!