Your Go-To Guide for T20 World Cup Betting Markets


The T20 World Cup is a thrilling event that captivates cricket fans worldwide. For those interested in adding an extra layer of excitement, betting on the T20 World Cup can offer numerous opportunities for you. So, let us walk you through the various T20 World Cup betting markets available, so that you can make informed decisions and make the best of your betting experience.

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Understanding the Basics of T20 Betting

Before diving into the specific markets, it is important to understand some basic principles of cricket betting:


These indicate the likelihood of an outcome and determine your potential winnings.


The amount of money you place on a bet.


Your potential winnings from a bet, calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds.

T20 World Cup Betting Options

Now, we have covered recent market trends in online betting markets. Understanding the types of betting markets even further would help you to choose an appropriate bet to wager on. 

Following are the types of betting markets that you can focus 

Match Winner

The match-winner market is like plain sailing. You need to choose which team will win and place bets accordingly. If your bet wins, you will get winning money based on terms and conditions.

Outright Winner

This is an opening bet. In such a type, you need to predict which team will get the trophy before the game begins. This helps to understand the ability of bettors’ visionary thinking. 

Top Batsman/Bowler

This option enables you to choose a specific batsman and bowler that you consider has the highest chances to score and take wickets. You need to speculate on specific players’ performance. 

Total Runs/Total Wickets

The ‘total runs’ and ‘total wickets’ are for those bettors who have excellent expertise in assessing an overall team performance. This bet will keep you hooked till the last moment. The total score and number of wickets are taken into consideration. 

Dismissal Method

In this niche market, you can predict how a batsman will be out or how the next wicket will It can be either be bowl out, run-out, or, other ways. This is also a batsman-specific market and can be an exiting bet placed when the match is on-going. 

Man of the Match

In this type, you can speculate which player will be entitled to ‘Man of the Match.’ This bet could be tricky enough. Your bet can be wrong as pronouncing the name at the initial phase of the match can land you in trouble of losing the stake. 

Winner of the Toss

Bettors analyse individual teams’ toss history and name a team based on that. This is how punters come to the final decision for placing wagers in this market. 

Century Scorer

Scoring 100 depends on the various factors. You can either predict which player or team would score 100. When this bet is placed under the team scenario, there are possibilities that you can win at the end. In the case of the players, it could be a big win or loss depending on the player’s performance. 

Highest Wicket Taker & Batsman

The name indicates that this bet is placed depending on which bowler would take the most wickets in a particular match or the overall series. Similarly, the batsman who will make the highest score and the bettors will win the bets accordingly.

Total Match Boundaries

Bettors can predict the total number of fours in a match. This betting market is perfectly suitable for live betting trends. You can predict numbers as the match progresses and earn lucrative winning amounts.

Draw No Bet

This is one of the safest markets that bettors can consider. The odds are on the lower side in this type of market. You can predict at the time of the match if the match will end up in a draw or not. You will get hold of the stake accordingly.

Current Trends in T20 World Cup Betting Markets 

A general shift from traditional sports betting to the online landscape has gone through many changes. Following are a few trends that you can consider -

In-Play Betting 

In-play betting, also known as live betting, allows users to place bets on a match while it is ongoing. This option is currently most cherished in the betting world. In-play betting option maximises the scope for the users to engage with the match effortlessly. Thus, they can predict better outcomes and the possibility of earning winning amounts gets higher. 

Online Betting Platforms

Transitioning to online betting platforms has increased accessibility to an extensive range of betting options. These platforms have broadened accessibility, allowing punters from different regions to participate. 

They offer a wide range of betting options and markets, contributing to significant growth in the betting industry. Users can access these platforms from their computers or mobile devices, making it convenient to place bets anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Betting Apps

Mobile betting apps are currently the popular mediums to place cricket bets for major tournaments like the T20 World Cup. Apps habe a user-friendly interface that eases the process for all betting-related activities such as placing bets during live games and getting real-time updates. 

How Much Should You Bet on Cricket Markets?

Understanding how much money you need to put in the betting markets would solve half of your betting-related problems. Two major points to consider when you are putting your hard-earned money in betting markets –

Keep a Steady Amount 

Keeping a standard amount for bets would help punters in managing their bankroll properly. If you choose to spend Rs. 50. for each bet, you should stick to that amount.

5% is the Standard Raise 

In the cricket betting industry, going higher than 5% is like digging your own grave. If you have kept Rs. 1000 for your total budget, the 5% of 1000 is Rs. 50 that means your maximum wagering amount should not go beyond that amount. 

Final Words

Gaining knowledge of T20 World Cup betting markets will put you ahead in the betting game. By reading this blog, you will understand the types of betting markets and their options. Overall, this enhanced market knowledge will ease your betting journey in the upcoming T20 tournaments.