Winning Strategies for Online Poker


Online poker is the online version of traditional poker, played over the Internet. Traditionally, poker was played in casinos and poker rooms, which used to be situated in the nearby locations. With the advancement of time, it is now played online with millions of players all over the globe. It started in the early 90s in the form of IRC Poker. 

With the wide growth of online poker, the number of poker players has also increased worldwide. Online poker has been quite beneficial for players as it lets them play at comparatively low stakes, offering poker freeroll tournaments (with zero entry fee). There are several online poker winning strategies which will help you to know about the game and to be a winner. 

How to Play Online Poker

It is a basic game of cards played by a pair of players. Online poker started in the early 2000s when the internet emerged and flourished all over. To play online poker, you need to have a device supporting the internet, be it your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPad, etc. There are different types of real-money poker apps available which can be supported by Androids, iOs, etc. 

Here are some tips for playing online poker:

Step 1: On your device, you have to install or download an online poker application.

Step 2: After installing it, you need to create an account. You need to be 18+ or more, as the platform will verify the age before letting you play.

Step 3: After creating an account, you have to make a deposit. Various payment methods are available, you need to choose any one of them. Major sites do accept credit cards, net banking, eWallets, crypto, bank transfers, etc.

Step 4: After depositing money, you can begin the game.

Best Online Poker Tips

Playing poker requires skill and also some portion of luck. Not everybody can be the winner. There are a few important tips you need to remember to win online poker, here are some of them:

Learn to hit the micro stakes first: This may not be a popular tip among players. In general, poker players prefer to play with high stakes, with a desire to make more money. Micro stakes are the smaller stakes such as 1-cent (1NL), and 2-cent blind games (2NL) which can go up to 50-cent blind games (50NL). However, it is really important first to defeat the bad players at the lowest limits. Unless you are a pro player playing for a longer time, do not begin with higher stakes as the possibility of losing is high.

Begin your game with a single table: It is always recommended to start playing with one table. After gaining some experience, you can go for multiple tables. If you tend to start the game at a slow pace you will be able to learn a broader perspective of the game and the chances to win will increase.

Do not bluff: You don't always have the best set of cards, hence bluffing can be deadly. Try to control your bluffing so that your opponents will not get a chance to take advantage of it and be the winner.

Find a disturbance-free play area: It is very important to stay fully focused while playing games like poker, chess, etc. For that, it is very necessary to choose a peaceful environment. Distractions can lead to serious losing outcomes.

Choose the fish: It is a well-known fact that fish can be an ideal option to make profits. A fish can be a promising tool to beat up the opponents, by flopping their flips.

Be aggressive towards the game: To win a poker game, you need to have strong knowledge about the preflop strategy. Similarly, it is necessary to play all of your hands aggressively.

Stay prepared for bad bets: Every game has its winning and losing perspective. Similarly, poker has its ups and downs. Losses only will help you learn better, so it is recommended not to panic if the number of bad bets is more.

Believe in the power of the Preflop 4-bet: At the lower limits, the Preflop can be a really good strategy to beat an opponent. Many people make this common mistake of calling a Preflop 4-bet just to “see a flop”. When any player, 4-bets you, you need to be cautious, cause they do it with only AA, KK and sometimes QQ or AK.

Don't take the game too seriously: In the end, it is just a game, you are playing it to have fun! Do not lose heart if you do not get your desired reward. Even the pro players get turned down by losing. Poker is one such game which involves a low luck element which eventually makes the game more exciting.

These are the best online poker tips which will help the players to master the game and be the winner.

Popular Online Poker Games

Here are some popular poker games you can play online:

HORSE: It is a very famous poker game. The game’s name is an acronym which contains 5 different poker variations. H stands for Texas Hold’em, O for Omaha Hi-Lo, R for Razz, S for Seven-Card Stud and E for Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better. Each game lasts one round and with fixed bet limits before moving to the next in order.

2-7 Triple Draw: It is an excellent lowball game. Players who have learnt games using low hands will certainly enjoy playing 2-7 Triple Draw. It is one such game which uses blinds instead of community cards.

Follow the Queen: It is one game which is loved by most poker lovers. This is based on the Seven Card Stud where a Queen and all other cards are of the same rank.

Let it Ride: Among all types of poker games, “Let it Ride” is full of fun for all skill levels. It is an ideal type of poker game for those who do not want to compete against experienced players.  Each player needs to place three equal bets in the betting circles placed on the table.

Stud Poker: It is one of the best foundations among the other poker variations. Here, players usually handle a mix of face-down cards over multiple bet rounds.  It is also known as the Five Card Stud or Seven Card Stud.

Online and Video Poker: This is completely based on the five-card draw poker and is counted as one of the famous forms of online poker game. The players here will get to see five cards face up on the screens of their devices after placing the bet.

Is online poker legal in India?

It is decided by the Government of India that poker is a game of skill so playing online poker is completely legal. The case has been successfully passed from the High Courts of Karnataka and Kolkata. Hence, no legal actions will be taken against the poker players by any of the Government authorities. However, it is also decided that players need to pay a 30% income tax on all winnings which are above ₹10,000.  

Some states of India like Gujrat, Orissa, and Assam still have doubts about making both online and offline poker legal. However, it does not count online playing. Real money games like rummy, fantasy sports, poker, etc are completely banned in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Many people prefer playing poker with real money rather than going for free versions that are available in the market. How to win poker online is not common knowledge, hence players choose to bet on a safer version. Online poker has evolved and people have started trying their luck there, and it has become a very popular mode of recreation. Online poker is even more secure than traditional one as the individual has complete access to their account and no fraud can take place.