What is Crypto Gaming? An Introduction to the World of Blockchain-Based Games


The idea of earning money by playing virtual games is not new. However, game developers today have utilised blockchain technology to introduce real-life economics into the games. Crypto gaming creates an opportunity for gamers to earn cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFT) by playing games. Gamers can sell or trade these digital assets on the online market for real money. Let's delve into the world of virtual video gaming and see how blockchain technology has impacted it.  

How Does Crypto Gaming Work?

Crypto game developers mostly use a play-to-earn model. Crypto game developers have used blockchain technology to reward players with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. You can earn these rewards by playing and completing tasks like collecting some resources or killing enemies.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency gaming platforms make money through advertising and by selling in-game items like weapons and character skins. You will find that some gaming platforms even allow their users to gamble their assets on live casino games. The collaboration of cryptocurrency and gaming has created new opportunities for the players and the game developers to make more money.

What are the Different Types of Crypto Games?

Crypto gaming is a collaboration between cryptocurrencies and modern video games. This has created a new gaming economy, where players earn money by playing virtual games. Check the list below to understand the different types of crypto games:

Play To Earn (P2E) Games

P2E games are the most basic form of crypto gaming. You can earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies by participating in these platforms. Players compete and battle against each other, achieve milestones, and participate in different tournaments to earn rewards. 

NFT-based games

Games based on NFTs tokenise the in-game items like character and weapon skins, tools, and potions. Players can collect these items and then keep or trade these tokens for NFTs. You can then sell the NFTs in an online marketplace to earn real cash.

Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse games implement blockchain technology and create a virtual world, where players interact and experience almost like the real world. You can collect tokens for acquiring virtual land or design unique characters and participate in different in-game contests.  

What are the Best Crypto Gaming Platforms?

With the introduction of blockchain technology, numerous cryptocurrency games have been launched. However, most sites face problems in facilitating the transactions of NFTs and crypto. So, after some detailed research, we can say that the following crypto gaming platforms stand out from the rest:


Decentraland’s unique approach to impact the crypto gaming community has offered every gamer the opportunity to experience the metaverse. Players can build, explore, buy, and sell inside a virtual world via blockchain technology. Players use MANA, the token used in the platform to acquire virtual land and assets. You can sell or trade the virtual land and assets for real money. Decentraland has been improving rapidly because of its community-driven approach. 

Ultra Play

Ultra Play has been leading the crypto gaming revolution because of its flawless gaming experience powered by blockchain technology. By integrating blockchain technology effectively and efficiently, Ultra Play has successfully secured the transaction of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. This has helped the platform to gain the trust of the users. By playing eSports tournaments and completing daily tasks, players earn UOS coins. You can use these coins to play online casino games on this platform or you can sell them for real cash.

The Sandbox

This is one of the most unique blockchain gaming platforms in the world. The Sandbox allows its users to develop and monetize games by themselves. The voxel design allows players to use their expertise in developing 3D games and characters. You can earn SAND, the official token of the platform, when other players play your game. These tokens are tradable and sellable for real money on almost every online marketplace.

Axie Infinity

You can term Axie Infinity as a perfect example of a play-to-earn game. It has gained huge popularity in the gaming community because of its engaging gameplay. You need to battle and defeat other players in-game using your Axies. Players earn Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP) by winning battles. This platform has implemented blockchain technology so efficiently that you can use AXS and SLP to buy Axies or sell them in an online marketplace for real currency.


Enjin is the first name that crypto gaming communities remember when they talk about NFT games. The innovative implementation of blockchain technology has impressed gamers worldwide. Developers love Enjin because it allows them to design unique and rare items that others can buy and use on other gaming platforms. Enjin's plan of enhancing the experience of cross-gaming allows you to use your digital assets on multiple crypto games. 

How to Make Money by Playing Crypto Games?

Participating in in-game contests and tournaments is the most common way to earn tokens, which can then be sold or traded on online marketplaces to earn real cash. However, to play such contests, you must have some digital assets in your crypto wallet. Players can also earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies by achieving in-game milestones. These rewards are tradable in online markets, but it is important to note that the value of these digital assets may fluctuate heavily.

How Blockchain Technology Impacted the Gaming Community?

The integration of blockchain technology has revolutionized the gaming community by facilitating the transactions of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The points below will help you to understand the impact of blockchain technology integration in the crypto gaming community: 

Improved Security

Integrating blockchain technology has nullified the chances of hacking, cheating, and forgery in games. Altering the data is virtually impossible in blockchain games, making it safe and secure for the players to store their digital assets. Platforms with blockchain technology gain the trust of gamers immediately.


All blockchain transactions are recorded on public ledgers. It helps every player and developer in verifying the authenticity of digital assets. This clarity in the process of verification, makes every player feel that their digital assets are stored safely.


The biggest advantage of blockchain gaming is the power to buy, sell, or trade in-game items on online gaming marketplaces for real cash. Players love this, as it provides an opportunity for them to sell their digital assets and earn money while playing games. The integration of blockchain technology into crypto gaming has turned digital assets into real-world investments. 

With the rapid evolution of the crypto gaming industry, it can be said that it is heading in the right direction. The introduction of crypto games has completely revolutionized the gaming industry as it has created a chance for gamers to make money. This industry is still in its early stages, but the potential is enormous. Let’s hope that the evolution of crypto games creates more room for gamers and developers.