Welcome Bonuses for Sports Betting


Whether you are interested in casino games or the thrill of sports betting, it is common for people interested in online betting to explore different online platforms. No matter what game you are playing, you are likely to find a variety of attractive welcome offers. Welcome offers come in all sorts of forms, from online casinos to sports betting platforms.

Getting sports betting welcome bonuses can help you get a boost while playing games. The welcome bonuses nullify the monetary requirements for playing games the first time. You can also make infrared decisions using the welcome bonuses and leverage better gain potential. Let us see what these sports bonuses are and how you can utilise them.

What are Sports Welcome Bonuses?

Let us consider a scenario, where you register for a betting platform. Now there are several games for you to choose from. However, there is a price that you need to keep as a bet to play, imagine you play for free! Welcome bonuses are some extra advantages in the betting platform for the players.

These advantages are great to start playing online and gather profits from each bet that you make. These welcome bonuses are just like a red carpet that welcomes new players! Use your welcome bonuses to gather wins. Some of the popular welcome bonuses include free bets, reload bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses.

During sign-up offers for sports wagering, you get access to sports betting welcome bonuses! Use these welcome bonuses as a catalyst to kick-start your betting journey on any platform.

Types of Sports Welcome Bonuses and Their Insights

There are several types of welcome bonuses available online for you to use. Some of the bonuses are there for casino games, while others are there for sports betting. The most prominent sports betting welcome offers are as follows:

Express Bets

Free Bet

Bet Insurance Bonus

Cashback Bonus

Combo Boost

Let us understand these sports betting welcome bonuses properly!

Express Bets

Express bets or Express Bets of the day, which include sports bonuses having pre-selected outcomes. It is the player's decision whether he wants to accept the bet or not. If the player changes the bet offerings, then it gets converted into a normal bet. Any change in the bet offer also cancels the betting odds multiplier that a bookmaker initially sets.

If you have understood the demands of betting then you can easily start your betting journey using Express Bets.

Free bets

This betting offer is available inside any betting site, and it usually has three subtypes under it. These subtypes of Free bets are as follows:

No Risk

Just as the name suggests these sports betting welcome bonuses offer a player some kind of monetary benefits. The player needs to accept an express bet and decide to use his risk-free bonus. Post approval, three possible things might happen, like:

The bet is won, you receive the win and the bonus is written off!

You lose the bet, and you receive wager money back, but the bonus is written off.

If you win the bet partially, you accumulate the winnings and the bonus is written off.

All win

Bookmaker allows you to play a bet using the company’s fund that organises betting. If you win, you can receive a certain percentage back as win money. However, if you lose there are no deductions from your main balance. This is a win-win scenario for you to utilise.

Only Win

This is a strategy by bookmakers where you make a bet on any sports event using bonus money. If you win then, you can keep the difference between the win and the bet money in your playing account. 

Bet Insurance Bonus

Using this strategy the players make a bet and if they are unsure about their predictions, then they insure it. Bet insurance allows you to play with real money and you add extra money as part of your insurance depending on playing odds.

If you win the insurance and money is yours to take away! However, if you lose then you can get only the insurance sum of money back. This is one of the convenient sports betting welcome bonuses that you can utilise while playing.

Cashback Bonus 

This is generally offered by the platform itself to players betting on some live sports events. These sports events may be championships or some other competitions. The way this works is, if you play a bet and you lose then a percentage of the betting amount is returned to you.

Getting started bonuses for betting, cashback offers you the best way to earn back a certain percentage of your lost bets. However, these cashbacks are not always provided as direct returns but, as free bets or wagering bonuses. 

Combo Boost

This is an advanced way to bet, where you bet on multiple games or you have diversified your bets. The bookmaker can combine all these bets into one unified express bet or odds.

If you have placed a diversified bet of Rs. 1000, then considering the odds the bookmaker increases the betting odds. If you win the combined bet then you receive your wager amount plus the profit due to odds.

In the example, if you bet Rs. 1000, then you have a winning potential of over Rs. 1400 or more. However, if you lose you only lose the bet amount.

Apart from these, there may be some other bonuses like deposit match bonuses where income can be tripled. Apart from these, there are several other betting bonuses that you must keep under watch.

To get the best welcome bonuses for doubling money, try out these platforms:


Pure Win

Rajabets Casino


Betshah Casino

These are some of the best platforms for users to play sports betting online. To claim the welcome bonuses, you need to follow the instructions of these platforms and apply for cash out.

Visit the banking option in the live sports betting platform and check the amount generated. If the bonus is a wager-free bonus then you can easily grab them and convert it into your account. Do ensure to check the sign-up offers for sports wagering before trying them out.

Final Words

There are several betting platforms, and each of them offers unique sports betting welcome bonuses to keep their players engaged. You can easily use these platforms and convert more wins without the risk of losing huge amounts of money. Understand the requirements of each sport bonus before trying them out.

In case you are unsure, then try to talk to customer care and gather a deep understanding. Choose platforms that have a good reputation and do not change their terms and conditions easily! Moreover, by understanding a range of sports welcome bonuses you can easily make a strategy and gather maximum wins for yourself.