Understanding Online Slots: Tips and Strategies


You may have seen several slot machines in casinos and bars. You may have tried to bet and get rewards! However, you may have faced such times when you lost more than you earned. Thus, it is necessary to learn online slot tips to maximise your earnings. You need to understand how a slot machine works and how you can maximise your earnings. 

Read below to understand exciting ways to win rewards from online slot machines. 

What is a Slot Machine? 

An online slot machine is a tool used to check your luck and win money online. A typical slot machine contains three to four vertical to horizontal reels (also called ‘steppers’) containing symbols or numbers. To start playing, a player needs to choose a particular number or symbol. After dropping some deposits, a player starts a lever or hits on ‘Spin’. This rolls the numbers or letters present in each slot. Any number or symbol chosen is known as a ‘Pay Line’, and when they match, you hit the jackpot!

When numbers or symbols in three or more reels match then you have a win. There are several slot machines with a varied number of reels. Usually, you may find that an online slot machine contains three to four reels, but it may exceed even seven reels. 

Earlier there used to be only mechanical slot machines but now we find online versions of the same. Slot machines may have horizontal or vertical alignment depending on the online game provider. Rest assured, the rules of the game remain the same whatever your alignment of reels may be. However, with some online slot tips, you can ace your game and win most of the time. In this slots guide we will cover all basic information and how slot machines work with some tips and strategies.

How do Slot Machines Work? 

Previously, slot machines used to be present in physical form. There is a loyal following for a few of those old-school machines. Presently, a limited number of slot machines are there in a few casinos. Earlier mechanical slot machines used a complex combination of gears and levers for operation. Hence, you can say that it was mechanically driven and a little complex to understand. 

Recently, you will  not find such complex pieces of machines. Rather, you will find algorithms taking over and decreasing complexity. A popular algorithm that has taken over recently, is the RNG algorithm. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is a mathematically designed program to create varied outputs. Your winning depends on the symbol or number chosen and the selection of that specific number or symbol by the algorithm. 

We assure you that everything happens randomly! Your winning depends on the group of numbers chosen by RNG and the associated symbols or numbers you decide. In a simple way, if ‘PayLine’ matches with numbers generated by RNG then you win. Generated numbers do not have any pattern or significance, which helps you test your luck.   

Online Slots Tips and Strategies 

Earlier slot machines had a fixed combination of gears and pulleys for each machine. This made some machines vulnerable to losses. Thus, in online casinos a system of random number generation is mostly used. This makes winning hard but not impossible!

Let us learn some slot game tricks that may increase your winning edge in the game. 

Focus on RTP

Whichever slot machine you use online has specific RTPs. RTP stands for ‘Return-To-Player Percentage’. Suppose you put in ₹100 in a slot machine and you receive ₹98 in return after playing, then RTP is 98%. 

Ideally, you can get to know RTP by a simple Google search. Just put in the name of your Casino game and its manufacturer or developer. Additionally, you may visit other websites that provide RTP values. Ideally, if the RTP value of a slot game is higher, that ensures better-winning scopes for you. This is one of the most important online slot tips for beginners. 

Check for the Volatility of Slot Games

Volatility is an important constituent of slot games. A slot machine with a higher jackpot amount has higher volatility. You cannot get huge jackpots all the time as it hampers the profit of Casino owners. Hence, a machine with a lower jackpot value is likely to have lower volatility. 

This means that due to a low jackpot amount, there is a higher chance of winning per play. Thinking long term, such low volatility helps gain more, although the amount of jackpot each time is low. This is another important online casino slot tip for beginners to follow.

Do Not Be Greedy

“The highest form of wisdom is to know when to play, and when to stay away”. 

This sums up everything. Betting too much on a slot can make you go broke, but betting too little can divert you away from profits. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you only bet 1% of your bankroll on each spin. After that increase or decrease the betting amount as per your convenience. 

Make a Budget

You need to make a budget and stick to it. Do not increase your stakes when you are unable to win. You must stick to your budget, and then play. 

The amount you are putting in and what you earn makes a significant difference in a slot game. Always use your discretion to bet and play without risking going broke. 

Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins

Most of the platforms online provide a welcome bonus and free spins to their users. You can utilise this to get maximum gains from slot games. Several popular platforms offer free spins. Therefore, welcome bonuses and free spins are a boon for players. 

How Does a Casino Make Money Using Slot Machines? 

A Casino typically uses a slot machine for garnering profits. Let us understand how a slot machine generates profit and how you can make the most out of it. 

Suppose, you are a player entering an online casino platform to play slot games. You choose an online slot game like, ‘Starburst’. You deposit a particular amount ₹X and choose a symbol for the pay line. After you spin there are two possibilities based on luck: you lose, or you win a jackpot due to matching ‘pay line’. 

If you hit a jackpot then you win ₹Y, your jackpot amount is mostly above your deposits. However, if you lose due to an unmatched ‘pay line’ then you make a loss. A Casino Owner receives profit by subtracting ₹X-₹Y for a particular period. Now if you know the RTP of a particular slot game then you will realise that casinos have a winning edge. 

RTP usually ranges from 85% to 95%, thus casinos generally have a profit ranging from 5% to 10% on average. However, some online slot machines may have an RTP of 99%, which is an ideal case for players. Slot machines also have a hold percentage, which is revenue for owners. 

A higher hold percentage means a higher profit for casino owners. Thus, mathematically casinos always have a winning edge over their users.  

Some Common Myths About Slot Games

Let us take a look at some prevalent myths regarding slot games:

Online Slot Games Are Rigged

Online slot games are not rigged, they are fair and the symbols or numbers you choose do not make a difference. Every online slot machine has a Random Number Generator (RNG), which generates a number and decides win or lose. 

The Casino May Take Your Winnings Away if They Want 

Casinos cannot take your winnings away if they want to. There are some terms and conditions which you need to fulfil, like minimum deposit amount or a minimum wage. Not fulfilling these criteria may affect your payment. However, a casino cannot take your money away as they please. 

You do not have to worry about online casinos taking away all your money. Just play safely with caution. 

You Will Never Win in an Online Slot Game

This is not true as there are many players winning jackpots! You have to know some basic details about the online slot game that you play. There are specific machines that offer low hold and higher net returns due to their set RTPs. Hence, it is expected that you do your research before playing.

In conclusion, slot machines do maximise profits for both players and casino owners. However, you need to know some basic online slot tips to ensure a higher win rate. Do your research before playing any online slot games. Ensure that the RTP of that particular game is high to have a higher winning probability. 

You can use websites like Slot RTP Finder to narrow down your research to some specific games. Playing Casino involves real money and there is no absolute strategy to win. Thus, be cautious while placing a bet and do not risk more than you bargain.