Understanding Online Casino Bonuses


Also known as no-download casinos, web-based online casinos have gained immense popularity due to their safe gambling environment, plenty of gaming options, several payment modes, and more. Besides, almost every casino platform provides online casino bonuses and promotional events to build a reputation and gain more customers. 

In general, there are different bonus offers provided by online casino platforms to serve their new and existing customers. Individuals planning to play online casino games must be aware of its promotions and bonuses in the first place.  

What are Some Bonus Offers at Online Casino Platforms?

Reputed online casino platforms provide a lot of money-spinning and lucrative bonus offers to their customers. Following are the types of bonus offers available at these online casino platforms:

No Deposit Bonus

One of the most common bonus offers is the no-deposit bonus. It is quite unique since it enables you to play freely without putting your money at stake. In other words, you will have the opportunity to play your favourite games without spending anything and get the chance of winning real money. However, remember that the no-deposit bonus is not available in every online casino game. Furthermore, there are several casinos with a no-deposit bonus. Therefore, make sure that you research a casino platform thoroughly before playing casino on it.  

Welcome Bonus

Also known as a sign-up bonus, a welcome bonus is a special offer provided to newly registered users in an online casino platform. You are eligible to claim this offer just after creating a verified account. Although the percentage of a welcome bonus varies from one casino to another, it is provided by most casino platforms and betting sites. Remember that welcome bonuses are not always in the form of money. Several online casinos allow free spins which act as their welcome package. 

No Wagering Bonus

While betting, you must check the wagering requirements on a bonus. Generally, most casino bonuses feature wagering requirements. This means that you have to bet your bonus funds several times, which usually ranges between 10 times and 100 times. Once you fulfil the wagering requirements, you can easily withdraw funds. Due to its flexibility, you can claim the no-wagering bonus by visiting the promotions page, using it, and withdrawing the funds whenever necessary.

Reload Bonus

Also known as loyalty bonuses, a reload bonus is another special offer by an online casino for registered players. If you have deposited funds in a casino, you are entitled to a reload bonus. However, you need to fulfil certain criteria in order to claim this bonus. In general, you will receive a certain portion of your deposit as a reload bonus which ranges between 20% and 40%. Many casinos also offer reload bonuses to customers on the basis of their monthly spending or level of betting.

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins are one of the most exclusive casino bonuses. These are usually offered as a ‘New Game Bonus’ or ‘Welcome Bonus’. Free spins enable casino players to test their luck on the gaming platform by rolling a dice or pushing a handle. Free spins are available on various slot games like fruit machines, 88 Fortunes, Double Diamond, etc. where you can win many exciting rewards without compromising your finances. 

Referral Bonus

Another popular bonus offer rendered by reputed online casino platforms is the referral bonus. As the name suggests, you will get this bonus offer for introducing your friends, relatives, or family members as new customers. Also called a refer-a-friend bonus, this offer comes in a fixed amount, for example, ₹1000 for every referral, or a certain fraction of your referral’s deposit. Usually, referral bonuses have criteria that your referrals should spend a certain percentage of money before you get the commission.  

Payment Method Bonus

The transaction costs across various payment methods are different. Many casinos prefer payment methods with cost advantages as they feature higher margins and lower overheads. Furthermore, they provide customers with additional perks and benefits like cashbacks, discounts, etc. For instance, when it comes to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, a casino may offer you a payment bonus of up to 15% of your deposit.

Cashback Bonus

Being a new addition to the casino world, cashbacks have become one of the most prominent and exclusive casino bonuses. Essentially, it gives you the opportunity to recover a certain percentage of your losses. However, since it is the fund you already lost, getting even a small portion of your lost bets is quite great. In general, the cashback bonuses in online casino platforms do not go beyond 30%. Cashback bonuses are offered on an hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly basis depending on the type of casino. 

High Roller Bonuses

Another notable bonus offer provided by online casinos is the high roller bonus. These are exclusively offered to those players who make a very large first deposit bonus. It is either provided as a match bonus, a cash gift, or a percentage of the deposit amount. If you are on the lookout to play higher limit betting games, opting for a high roller casino bonus will be ideal since they feature lower wagering requirements and appear comparatively more worthwhile than the conventional casino bonuses.

Matched Deposit Bonus

Matched deposit bonuses are one of the handiest bonuses offered by casino platforms as sign-up bonuses, daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses, etc. When it comes to a matched deposit bonus, its betting requirements and conditions are not as high as the no deposit bonus. Besides, the bonus does not feature a winnings cap. As a result, the potential return on your deposit is higher.

Knowing about online casino bonuses is highly beneficial when you are preparing to play a new casino game or opt for online sports betting. These bonuses not only help you win attractive rewards on a casino platform but also boost your confidence while betting. Furthermore, it acts as free money which you can use to play for a longer time, have more fun, and get better chances of winning.