Types of Bonuses


The world of online casinos is an exhilarating realm, full of excitement from the thrill of live games and the promise of substantial winnings. Amidst the array of different attractions available here, one element that often steals the spotlight is the exciting offers from different types of casino bonuses. 

Online betting sites do not just give these bonuses to attract customers. While that may be true for certain instances, they also improve the user's overall gaming experience. In this article, we have talked about the different types of online bonuses available.   

What is an Online Casino Bonus? 

Online casino bonuses are essentially promotional offers provided by online betting sites to entice and lure players and keep them engaged. There are various types of online casino bonuses, each with its unique appeal. With the help of bonuses, you can increase the funds in your account and get the opportunity to play more.

8 Different Types of Casino Bonuses 

Mentioned below are some different types of online casino bonuses:

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common types of bonuses given by an online casino is a welcome bonus. Imagine you have just stepped into an online casino, and a welcome bonus awaits you like a red carpet greeting. 

The main purpose of a welcome bonus is to attract new players and provide them with an initial boost. Typically, you can find them as a percentage match on the first deposit. For example, a 100% welcome bonus on a ₹10000 deposit would give you an additional ₹10000 to play with, doubling your initial deposit and giving you more opportunities. 

Deposit Bonuses

As the name suggests, this is the type of bonus you will get after you make an initial deposit. Deposit bonuses go hand in hand with the amount you fund or deposit to your casino account. 

These bonuses match a percentage of your deposit, and with this, you get more playing time. It is like getting extra ammunition in a fighting adventure game. The percentage and maximum amount that is given away as a bonus varies from site to site. Hence, it is advised to check a few places before investing in any betting site as you may miss out on a better option elsewhere. 

There are also various types of no-deposit bonuses like cashback, loyalty points, free spins, free cash etc. Look for these bonuses to get additional support and luck in your betting journey. Check the terms and conditions of the website before using a no-deposit bonus as they are not valid for certain games and withdrawals.

Free Spins

Free spins are the type of casino bonus that is undoubtedly enjoyed by video slot players. You can use these spins to play on slot machines and earn huge amounts of money. Fortunately, online casinos distribute free spins quite often, usually in bunches of 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s, etc.

These bonuses are either awarded as a part of a welcome bonus or as standalone offers. There are no-deposit and no-wager free spins available on certain websites, but the majority of them have playthrough requirements. 

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty is royalty, a statement that is true when it comes to getting online casino bonuses. Almost every online casino provides its players with a loyalty or VIP bonus program where they can win offers and promotions. The more you play on the site the more points you accumulate. Higher points mean higher bonuses and who wouldn’t want that?

A player can redeem these points for various perks, including cashback, exclusive bonuses, or even tangible gifts. It is like the casino’s way of showering appreciation to customers who stay active there.

Wagering Bonus

If you search for types of casino bonuses, this one will come up every time. To get this bonus you basically have to deposit funds into your account and wager a few times on the site. 

For example: you receive a ₹200  bonus on your ₹200 deposit. You will have to fulfil a wagering requirement of 20x in the deposit and bonus amount. So, the calculation will look like (200+200)x20 = ₹8000. You have to place bets totalling ₹8000 before cashing out. 

Sticky vs. Non-sticky

All bonuses can be divided into two groups: sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses, depending on how you got them. Sticky bonuses are the ones you cannot withdraw, hence casinos give them away in generous amounts. A player can use it to wager on the site and familiarise themselves with the game but you cannot win any actual money from them.

Non-sticky bonuses are the ones which can be withdrawn and have no wagering limitations. You can use them as per your liking and therefore all the players love them. Although these bonuses can be withdrawn, finding them is rare and casinos rarely give them out.  

Reload Bonus

Casinos use reload bonuses as a means of rewarding their players' loyalty. A player is qualified for a reload bonus if they have ever made a deposit at an online casino. However, in most cases, in order to be eligible for a reload bonus, your deposit needs to fulfil specific requirements. Reload bonuses don't guarantee a matching sum to your deposit amount. Although they often vary from 20% to 40%, that is better than getting nothing right?

Since these bonuses are smaller in scale than some of the other bonuses, the criteria and wagering requirements are also substantially lesser. 

Cashback Bonus

A relatively recent arrival in the realm of casino offers is the cashback bonus. Some betting sites will essentially reimburse you for a percentage of your losses. Although, do not expect the bonus to be more than 20% or 30% at the max. In any case, what is the loss here? You are getting money which you have already lost in bets.

A player has to fulfil certain terms and conditions to receive the cashback bonus. To get the money from this bonus though you have to wait for a few hours, weeks or months.

Whether you are a seasoned player or a newbie in this world, bonuses excite everyone. The different types of casino bonuses act as a beacon and guide the way for newcomers in the field. With the above information, you understand the difference between the various types of online casino bonuses. Now you can choose one that will give you the best return on investments so that you can continue playing more.