The Thrill Of Indian Premier League (IPL) Betting: Tips And Strategies


Started in 2008, IPL or Indian Premier League, is a very popular Indian professional cricket tournament where eight different teams participate. Each team represents various cities of India. Both Indian and international players participate in this game. There is a big craze of IPL among Indian citizens. In 2022, total team count increased. Now, ten teams participate in the tournament. Like other cricket tournaments, you can also bet on IPL through online betting sites to win money. Knowing some IPL betting tips are very crucial to increase your profits from betting.

What is IPL Betting?

IPL betting allows you to bet on various factors of a match. You can predict who will be the top batsman, who will take most wickets, who will become man of the match, which team will win the match, etc. You can make your own team with given credits. Your team will get points as the players perform in live matches. This unique betting is called Fantasy Cricket. Fantasy Cricket allows you to bet with only ₹1. It depends on the betting platform. Now, we are going to discuss the betting strategies for IPL.

IPL Betting Tips and Strategies

Here are some basic strategies to follow when you plan to bet on IPL:

Know Cricket Basics

Before you put your hard earned money in a bet, you should have a clear idea about the basic IPL rules. Read all the basic rules of T20 games. Some rules of cricket have changed over time. Check if you are missing any important points. Check the basic rules of that particular cricket tournament. 

Pre Match Research

Pre match research includes checking the player list, minor or major injuries of players, pitch and weather conditions, etc. It is one of the most important strategies because if any of your selected players become injured during a match, you may have to face losses.

Check for Genuine Sites

There are hundreds of websites to participate in IPL betting but some websites are there to cheat you. Once you deposit money on these websites, you cannot withdraw your funds even if you win the matches. So check the track records of your betting site. Check the reviews about withdrawal and customer care. Once you are satisfied and the user interface fits you, start your betting journey.

Manage Bankroll

Putting all your wallet balance in a single bet is not a smart decision. Here comes the term ‘Bankroll Management’. It tells you how to take risk on our capital. As per experts, you should not use more than 3% of your total bankroll in a single bet. You can set your own percentage according to your income and financial situation.

Team Track Record

Team track record may help you to make better decisions. Before betting on a particular team, check the previous match results, current rank of the teams in points table. Only depending on the team track record is not a good decision because it is not certain that the winning will depend on the previous track records. 

Avoid Over Expectations

If a team is continuously winning every match, it may lose the final match. Using your own betting Strategies for IPL, you are predicting the future. However, there is no guarantee that the same thing will happen everytime. So, expect a positive outcome, but avoid over expectations.

Weather Updates

Weather is one of the most important factors in any type of cricket tournament. Even a winning team can lose due to sudden weather changes. Wet weather can help the bowling team to win and dry weather can help the batting team to win the match. 

Bet During Live-Match

If you are not good at predicting match results before the game, you can bet during a live match. You can predict the result of the next ball.

Record Profit Loss

You should record your profit and loss record at the end of every match. This will help you to know your own performance. Therefore, it will help you to know if you are profitable in betting.

Why is IPL Betting Getting Popular?

Not only IPL betting, sports betting is getting a great response in India. Here are some top reasons why people bet on IPL:

Side Income

Everyone tries to get some extra income with their main source of income. Correct betting predictions can help you to get side income. Some betting platforms offer various grand prizes such as ₹1 Crore, Cars, iPhones, etc.

Simple Game Rules

Cricket is the most viewed sport in India and most people know the basics of cricket rules and regulations. Therefore, you do not need a certificate or degree to become an expert on cricket betting.

Tips to Start Your IPL Betting Journey

Following are some tips to remember before starting IPL betting: 

Select Correct Betting App

It is very important to select a genuine and correct betting app. Before you start, please check the features of that application, such as minimum withdrawal and deposit, deposit and withdrawal limits, charges, etc. Also read the customer reviews to get actual feedback of the company. If your app is not authentic, you may lose your money.

Try Free Games

Some IPL betting platforms allow you to play demo bets and matches with zero money. If you are a beginner or new in a betting platform, you should try free games to enhance your skills and to know the user interface properly.

Try Small Cost Games

Before betting a big amount, you can try to bet with small amounts like ₹25, ₹50, ₹100 matches to test your betting Strategies for IPL. Thus you can understand the results and performance of your own strategies. Then you may try to bet a higher amount to win big.

Till now we have discussed the tips and strategies to improve your gameplay in IPL betting. But luck and strategy both are required to win a bet. So, do not become over confident. If you follow these IPL betting strategies with your own gameplay and skills, you may become a profitable bettor over-time.