Tennis Betting Tactics


Tennis Betting Tactics

The sport of tennis is highly popular with a worldwide fan base of around 1 billion people. In India, it is arguably the most watched sport after cricket, football, and field hockey. 

Just like other popular sports, betting on the outcomes of Tennis matches is an attraction for thrill-loving punters. If you consider yourself one, keep reading this blog to learn about useful tennis betting tactics that can improve your chances of winning, when punting from India.

What Makes Tennis Suitable for Betting?

The nature of tennis and its rules can create several scenarios, ideal for placing bets. A few are mentioned below.

Offers Multiple Events to Bet on:

The rules of tennis allow a match to have thrilling events with mutually exclusive outcomes, throughout its runtime. The following are some instances of different events a punter can bet on;

A player’s service outcomes (like ‘service fault’, ‘foot fault’, ‘double fault’, ‘let’, or ‘ace’)

Whether a player wins or loses a ‘game’, ‘set’, the ‘match’ itself, or an entire ‘tournament’. Understandably, betting opportunities on similar events are even more in ‘Doubles’ matches and tournaments.

How many points a player will score in a game (popularly known as handicap bets).

Played Frequently: 

Tennis matches take place frequently, as it is played almost year-round (barring one or two winter months). Thus, there is no shortage of betting opportunities, unlike other sports, which are played seasonally.

Individual Nature:

Tennis being an individual sport, punters can analyse athletes' performances and track statistics easier, compared to team sports.


Because of factors like court conditions, the current form of participating players, and their strengths and weaknesses, the outcomes of a tennis match can be surprising/upsetting. This excites the punters and urges them to brainstorm on every aspect and take calculated risks like betting on underdogs. Such engagement involving analytical and predictive skills adds to the popularity of both tennis as a sport and the practice of tennis betting.

Popularity and Accessibility:

Tennis is popular enough to be abundantly accessible through live telecasts and online streaming. Bettors can easily track statistics, analyse player performances, and study all other necessary information needed for winning tennis bets.

Popular Betting Types in Tennis


In this type of betting, you bet on multiple outcomes in a single wager. Those events you bet on can be from different matches or the same match. For example, picking two players from different matches, and betting on the possibility of them winning the first set in their respective matches. Parlays can also be about betting on different possible events in one match. Both the outcomes you picked need to come true, for you to win the bet.


A teaser bet is a collection of events which might have been individually bet upon as well. To win a teaser bet, you need all the events included in the teaser to come true. A higher number of individual bets in a teaser might indicate a higher payout but also come with a higher risk of losing.


Future bets deal with outcomes in the long run. It could be about which player or team will finally win a tournament. 

Different Events Within a Match or Tournament

Punters often bet on certain events in a match or tournament, like the result of the first set in a match, how long a player will survive in a tournament, etc.

Tennis Betting strategies to Improve your Winning Chances

An informed, strategic approach is the key to improving your chances of winning in any kind of sports betting. Ensure equipping yourself with the required knowledge and attitude, as discussed below.

Thoroughly Learn Tennis Rules

It is crucial to make informed decisions in any form of betting, and the case of tennis is no exception. You will not be able to do so without a clear understanding of the rules of the sport. You should invest some time in thoroughly studying the rules to figure out which type of bet can work in your favour in a particular match or tournament.

Stay Updated on Players’ Forms and Recent Performances

Betting on a player just because his/her overall career in the sport has been great, is not a good idea. The player’s most recent performances, the court type of the match at hand, and his/her performance record on similar courts are a few factors that you should consider before placing a bet.

Keep a Fixed Budget

In any form of betting, it is a wise practice to fix a budget and stick to it at all costs. This is a way to train your mind with the right attitude of participating in a betting game. It is about investing a pre-decided amount and enjoying the thrill of using your analytical and predictive skills to make some gains out of the sport you love, and never about pushing your affordable limits.

Never be Impulsive/Greedy

Even when your intuition leads to winning a few bets, you should never stake higher out of overconfidence or greed. Tennis outcomes can be unpredictable because of several factors, causing any rash decision to meet with disastrous consequences.

Stay Aware of Different Bet Types

Different bet types like parlays, teasers and futures offer different types and combinations of outcomes to bet on. An informed bettor has an edge over an uninformed one in understanding which bet type can favour him, in a particular tournament. 

Choosing a Website/Platform for Tennis Betting

There are many reputable and trustworthy sportsbooks out there for tennis betting. The conditions for picking one are similar to those of any sports betting website. Platform safety, diversity of bet types offered, live betting opportunities, diverse yet secure payment options, attractive welcome bonuses and promotions, and competitive odds are a few conditions to look for.

Final Word

We hope the 

tennis betting tactics

 provided in this blog help you understand exactly where to invest your efforts, to improve your winning chances. Possessing relevant knowledge and a calm, patient, and calculated approach will bring you more success as a tennis bettor than an uninformed, rash way of making betting decisions.