Slot Strategies and Tips


Slots are the most popular online casino games, and this is no surprise given the fast pace of the games and the chance to hit massive jackpots.

The iconic game of chance with different themes, shimmering lights, cool music and exhilarating gameplay is a hard-to-miss package.

Understanding the Basics of Online Slots

The basic objective of the online slot is to land yourself with a specific combination of symbols on the payline to win a payout.

The paytable lists the winning combinations and the payouts including the individual values of each symbol. In some slots, you need to bet on all lines (fixed betting) while in some you can choose the number of lines you want to bet on.

Importance of Slot Strategies and Tips

Though online slot machines are entirely a game of luck and chance, understanding the logic behind the functioning of the machines and a thoughtful strategy can enhance your gaming experience and maybe help you get the elusive jackpot.

Developing Effective Slot Machine Strategies

Though there is no guaranteed or proven strategy to win big in the online slot game, these strategies might help increase your chances of a higher payout.

1. Bankroll Management

Set a clear budget limit while playing slots. Consider this as your bankroll and split the budget into the number of sessions you would like to play the slots for.

Bet only 1-2% of your budget so that your bankroll doesn’t deplete fast. Determine your win and loss thresholds after which you should stop playing slots.

Utilise the bonus and promotions to your advantage and take breaks from the game whenever needed to prevent any impulsive decisions.

2. Choosing the Right Slot Machine

You need to understand which games to choose if you want to win in these slots. Each online casino has several slot games to offer from various software developers, with different themes and payouts.

Have a clear idea of the nature of the game and the paytable which displays the payouts for regular and bonus spins.

It is recommended to play 3 or 4 different slots to gain a variety of bonuses and themes. Choose smaller jackpot slots as they have a more frequent payout.

3. Return to Player (RTP) Percentage

You can find the RTP percentage in the slot game’s info section. The game will return that percentage of coins for every 100 coins spent.

In the case of high RTP slots, the returns when it happens will be high though there is no guarantee when it will happen.

4. Slot Volatility

Volatility is the frequency at which a slot machine will pay and it can vary between low, medium, or high.  Each category has its own merits, and the ideal volatility depends on personal preferences.

Low volatility pays less but more regularly while high volatility pays a lot but is less frequent. Medium volatility is the middle ground between the other two segments.

5. Levels Betting

This is one of the popular advanced-level strategies for determining your bet size. You start with a small bet and continue to increase your bet by five units for every five consecutive losses.

You receive a significant payout with increasing bets but if the dry run continues then the bets keep adding up to a large sum.

6. Fixed Percentage Betting

In this strategy, a fixed percentage of the available amount is set as the bet amount. So, the bet amount increases with every win as the amount with you increases.

7. Progressive Jackpot Slots

These types of slots are generally associated with a low RTP and a higher bet amount but the prizes on offer are quite appealing. Also, you might need to play the slot for a long time, so you need to start with small bets and have an adequate budget.

In some online slots, the jackpot can be won only through bonus rounds or by making additional bets to play for the jackpot.

Slot Gaming Tactics

The slot machines are programmed using the random number generator (RNG) technique, so each spin is different from the previous ones.

Try these slot gaming tactics to increase your winning potential.  

1. Maximising Bonuses and Free Spins

Take advantage of the welcome bonuses and the free bonus spins that the online casinos offer. The rate at which you can trigger bonus spins varies but they are the easiest way to win more cash.

Loyalty points from the online casino can be very helpful. Go for casinos that might offer you a no-deposit bonus option.

2. Utilising Free Play and Demo Modes

If you want to understand the features of the slots, take advantage of the free slots available online before you commit yourself to real money games. You can also opt for demo mode games in the online casino.

You can try playing the game to understand the paytables and other features before deciding to play the game with real money.

3. Manipulating Multipliers and Wilds

Multipliers are the special features of the symbols and increase the value of the payout.

Wilds are the most important symbols having the ability to generate bonus rounds and replace symbols for winning combinations.


You will need more than skill and experience for winning at slots. The key to increasing your chances of big wins in these popular online games is to develop a clear understanding of how these games work.

Always remember that you cannot influence your odds for these completely unpredictable slot games, but you can apply these slot machine strategies and slot machine tactics to increase your chances of winning.

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