Payment Methods Made Easy: Depositing And Withdrawing On Indian Betting Sites


This is the right place to know about some online betting payment methods in India. Betting platforms are a popular choice for beginners and regular players online. However, before starting to play you need to know some information about deposit and withdrawal methods available for you in India. 

Let us discuss some popular deposit and withdrawal methods available for Indians on popular betting platforms. 

Types Of Deposit Methods Available For Indians To Bet

There are several online casino payment methods in India. While some methods need access to your bank account, others may not. We will start by listing some methods that rely on the bank account availability of the user. 

Methods That Need Your Bank Account

Most people nowadays have a bank account. Some of you may also have a credit or debit card. Therefore, it has become easier nowadays to deposit money for playing on a betting platform. Some of the available methods of depositing funds online are as follows:

Debit Card Or Credit Card

A debit card or credit card is one of the easiest ways to transfer funds to an account. Here are some steps that you may follow to deposit funds:

Step 1: Log in to your favourite betting platform available in India.

Step 2: Visit the payments section from your homepage or profile icon.

Step 3: Enter your card details like cardholder name, card expiry date, and CVV and enter any OTP sent to you. 

Step 4: After depositing, refresh your profile to see changes in your account.

These easy steps will help you play online casinos without any problems. Make sure that you have entered the right amount before sending.   

Net Banking 

If you do not have a card then you may choose a bank transfer method. This is a much simpler payment method for betting in India. You can follow these simple steps for depositing money in an online casino from India:

Step 1: Log in to your favourite casino website.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Deposit’ button in your profile or ‘Payments’ Section.

Step 3: Select the 'Net Banking' option.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to deposit.

Step 5: Choose your ‘Bank name’ and continue.

Step 6: Verify the transaction from your bank account and complete your deposit.

Step 7: It might take a few minutes to update your account. 

Continue playing from your account! Depending on platforms, some of these steps may change. Just be assured that whatever amount is transferred will be reflected back into your playing account. 

Methods That Do Not Need Your Bank Account

Unfortunately, there may be instances when you do not have access to your bank account. In that case, there are other payment options available for you.


Internationally recognised e-wallets can be a convenient way to make deposits. In this method, you do not require any bank account input. Just log in to your e-wallets account and deposit funds. However, do ensure that your e-wallet type is internationally recognised. Otherwise, your payments may be blocked! Do not be sceptical, as e-wallets do offer seamless transactions to their users. 

Just buy a ‘Paysafe card’, which attaches a prepaid value with it. Connect this ‘Paysafe card’ with your favourite e-wallet using a 16-digit code in the card. Forward this money to a betting website that you use. Hence, it is an easy method for transferring funds to any betting platform. 

Some popular e-wallets that betting websites offer are Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Paypal, Jeton Wallet and Astro Pay. The platform you are using may have some other e-wallets as well. 


Crypto transactions are beneficial to players trying to secure their identity. Crypto transactions are usually very fast due to their higher processing speeds. Thus, cryptocurrency deposit methods are a safe anonymous way to transfer money online. Some common crypto-payment methods in India include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. 

Let us go through some steps to secure crypto transactions in online casino platforms:

Step 1: Log in to your favourite online casino site.

Step 2: Head over to the ‘Payments’ section.

Step 3: You will get a unique deposit address.

Step 4: Copy this address or generate a QR code for the same.

Step 5: Enter the amount of crypto transfer that you wish to make. Click ‘Send’.

Step 6: Wait for a few minutes to update this amount in your account. 

Additionally, you may try out some crypto-wallets available online for even simpler transactions. Crypto-deposits have become one of the most popular ways for online casino payment methods in India. 

Types Of Withdrawal Methods Available For Indians To Bet

The payment methods available for deposits are the same as for withdrawals. In this case, you need to visit your withdrawal section. You have to enter your bank details or whatever additional details that they need and click on ‘withdraw’. However, some websites have only one mode of withdrawal, which is a direct bank transfer. 

Thus, you need to ensure that flexible payment methods are available for your chosen betting platform. There are some other requirements to check before heading directly to withdraw money. Every website has a fixed set of terms and conditions, and you must read them in detail.

For example, some websites offer withdrawals after a specific amount of wagers. However, some websites have a minimum withdrawal limit. Please ensure that you are meeting these criteria for a quick withdrawal. Some games and promotional codes have a minimum wager before withdrawals.

Online betting payment methods in India are simple and they are mostly hassle-free. Just choose your platform wisely!

Betting Sites In India With Instant Withdrawal

Suppose, you are playing a slot game and luckily you receive a jackpot! You are excited to get your money back. There are betting websites that support getting deposits back instantly. We are listing a few of them for your convenience in increasing order of withdrawal-processing time:


MostBet is convenient as it has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹300 only. Additionally, the withdrawal processing time is also instant. They have a range of options for withdrawal, which include e-wallets, net banking, and cards. 

Apart from that, they also offer a crypto-currency method of transaction for their users. However, in case you are using ecoPayz, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹700. Still it is one of the best betting sites in India with instant withdrawal.


Withdrawal processing time for this platform is instant. However, they have a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹1000. The platform has several payment methods, which include UPI, Net banking, e-wallets and cryptocurrency.


In the case of Paripesa, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹105. However, the withdrawal processing time is higher at 15 minutes per transaction. Additionally, the site offers several payment methods, which include E-wallets, Crypto currency (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and tether).


20Bet is an interactive platform with a range of fund transfer modes but has a higher processing time. On average, the bookmaker processes a transaction in only 24 hours. There are different minimum withdrawal limits for several payment methods. 

For e-wallets, the minimum withdrawal limit is ₹105, while for other methods it is ₹500 only. Thus, it offers flexibility and a low minimum deposit but at a higher transaction time. For crypto transactions, the withdrawal limit is especially high at ₹4000.    

In conclusion, there are varieties of online betting payment methods in India for playing a variety of games. Additionally, most of the websites have their own withdrawal limits and transaction processing time. Please ensure that you have read their terms and conditions before transferring funds. Have a safe playing time on online betting platforms!

Please note that playing on betting websites is financially risky. You must stay within the limit while playing to avoid any financial stress. If you feel addicted, then please get help and avoid spending too much time on these platforms.