Over/Under Betting Explained


If you are interested in sports betting and are researching a lot on what kind of bet to choose, then over or under-bet is common terminology that you may have come across. Now to understand this concept you need to be sure of the game and understand its statistics. If you are unable to do so, then you will not be able to understand the value you need to put! 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to explain over/under betting tips and their strategies in detail. Make sure to understand the game properly before you bet and try to understand the dynamics of a game. Let's get started, Punters!

What is an Over/Under Bet?

To start, in any game there is a certain criteria to decide who wins the game, it can be goals, runs, or scores. There are many names for an Over/Under bet in different countries. For instance, in the USA it is called ‘Total’. 

Rightly so, in over/under bet a ‘Sportsbook’ predicts a number. This number is the total number of points scored in a match. Now being a bettor, you need to predict whether the real number of goals or scores is more than or lower than the number suggested by the ‘Sportsbook’. 

If the number that you predict is lower than the ‘Sportbook’ suggestion then you are an ‘Underbet’. In such cases where the number you bet is lower than the number of ‘Sportsbook’ you lose. However, if the number of goals or scores exceeds the ‘Sportsbook’ number then you win with ‘Overbet’. 

However, you may ask, what if the score or goals are equivalent to the quoted number by ‘Sportsbook’? 

The answer is that ‘Push’ is called and all the bettors get their money back from the sports betting platform. Thus using these types of games, you do not need to predict the score. After you have a clear idea about Over/Under (O/U) betting, let us help you with some O/U wagering strategies

4 Smart Strategies to Win O/U Betting in Sports 

There are many strategies which you may use and win the simple, yet rewarding game of O/U bets. Let us understand some of the popular O/U betting strategies used by punters to grab a win. 

1. Analyse the Total Wins From Past Records 

Let us take an example of Team A and B playing football. If you analyse the performance of Team A and B, to find out that they are at their ultimate playing level, then you may expect a rise in the scores. The combined scores may exceed the score put forward by the ‘Sportsbook’. 

The over/under-betting guide will always advise you to start making over-bets for the teams that attack prolifically. However, for the teams that are not confident and they are unable to keep good defence then nail them with under-bets. You cannot just expect a team that is low on confidence to suddenly perform well in a game. 

It is unlikely, and a rare event where an underperforming team suddenly comes to the limelight. Try to research how the team has performed over some months or weeks in the game and bet accordingly. If they have high confidence and a good team strategy, go for Over-bets, otherwise go for under-bets. 

2. Options are Always Good!

If you are playing with a ‘Sportsbook’ that gives you plenty of betting lines then the risks of your loss decrease. Let us take an example where you can only bet on NFL Over/Under Line.

This is not the best O/U wagering strategy that gathers you with a chance to win. However, on the other hand, if you have an option for more than one betting market as a list, your chance to win increases. Let us take another example between teams playing Super Bowl, like the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. 

If the ‘Sportsbook’ provides you with an option to bet on a list of Over/Under bets like:

40.5 Over/Under

42.5 Over/Under

50.5 Over/Under

62.5 Over/Under

70.5 Over/Under

You have a lot of options for yourself to choose the right option as per your research and bet on them. It is one of the most important Over/Under betting tips to go for sports booking platforms that gives you more scope to choose the best odds.  

3. Identify the Teams That Do Not Defend

In a game like football, two different events can happen, attack and defence. Starting from the weather to injuries anything can be responsible for changing the course of the game. In our over/under betting guide, we suggest that try to research the teams and check their attack or defensive capabilities before the game. 

In an ideal condition, you must research those teams that are high-scoring but poor in defence. These are the teams that will both score and also get goals from the other team. Thus, O/U betting strategies revolve around the concept of putting more over-bets on these games. As in any case, the number of goals or scores will cross the number given by a ‘Sportsbook’. 

Try to understand performance and predict what the playing conditions will be for the present day. If you think that you will not get enough with current your o/u wagering strategies then change it quickly. Do not try to lose money or make some compulsive decision bar you from research. 

4. Freebets and Bonus Money

One of the best over/under-betting tips is to grab and judiciously use the free bets and bonus money. This is the way by which you can win without paying for all the bets that you place. 

Let us simplify it for you! Suppose your ‘Sportsbook’ gives you more than one outcome to check. Now you can place real money on one bet and use free bets or bonus money for the second outcome. This way you are sure to make a profit from one way or the other. 

This is the best O/U wagering strategy where you are diversifying your odds to get a higher percentage of wins. 

Delve deeply into teams and their performance and identify their strengths or their weaknesses. If you are sure that what you vouch as your bet is on the right side then you can easily win. Make sure not to put bets randomly and search for that punter instinct inside you to make accurate predictions. Gamble risk-free and always think of your financial safety first!

Final Words

If you are a fan of different sports games, then you will love the concept of over/under-wagering strategies. You just need to understand the game and its dynamics from time to time. This way you will be able to get good odds and use those to your advantage. 

If you place over-bets make sure that teams can achieve them based on previous performance. If you are placing under-bets then make sure that teams are not in their proper formation or have some internal issues. Once you understand records then it becomes easy for you to grab exciting wins from the platforms.