Online Cricket Betting Tips


Online sports betting is gaining popularity day by day. According to the latest report, over 330 million people participate in cricket betting during IPL (Indian Premier League). Cricket betting contributes almost 80%-90% revenue in overall sports betting in India. Cricket betting industry will be worth over $2 Billion by 2023. Our online cricket betting tips will help you to maximise your winning chances. 

What is Online Cricket Betting? 

Online cricket betting allows you to bet on several options of a cricket match. You can bet for the top batsman, match winner, man of the match, most wickets, etc. Nowadays, you can also make your own team to play. You will get a score as your players perform in the real-life match. This score decides your rank. The rank decides the result. Some platforms offer free cricket betting in exchange for discount coupons and lucky draws.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

Before placing a bet, you should follow some cricket match betting tips to gain more profits. Go through the following points carefully:

Pre-Match Research

Yes, luck contributes to a portion of every online bet. However, you need not rely on your luck alone. Pre-match research is one of the most important tips for cricket betting. You have to do some important homework before the match. Figure out key players, check pre match predictions, check previous data, team rankings. These will help you to go one-step ahead of your competition.

Team Rosters & Injuries

Before a match, check the list of players participating in the match. You have to be careful before betting on a player who is injured or playing with minor injuries. You can try to avoid those players.

Team Rankings and Trends

You should also check the ranking of a team because it will affect the performance accordingly. A team with higher rank will play with a free mind and if it is a do or die situation then the team will be under pressure. Besides this, check the previous winning and losing trend of the teams to do a better prediction.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can also affect the match results because the weather affects the pitch. If the ground is wet, it will slow down the ball. This will benefit the bowling side. On the other hand, if the ground is dry it will help the batting side. Even a sudden weather event can change the match results. So check the weather forecast before placing a bet.

Ground & Pitch History

Checking the ground & pitch history is one of the most important cricket match tips. A slow ground can help the bowling team to save runs and boundaries. On the other hand, if the ground is fast, it will help the batting team to hit boundaries easily.

Bet Live

Some betting sites also offer you to bet live. You can predict the result of the next ball such as wicket, 1, 2, 3 or 4, and 6 runs. If your prediction is correct, you can earn profits. This is a very risky bet because anything can happen on the next ball. If you are a beginner in online cricket betting, try not to bet live.

Emotional Control

Controlling your emotions will help you to become a smart player. Wins and losses are part of a game. However, people usually forget about this reality and they start revenge betting to recover their losses. In most cases, it causes more losses and people quit online betting.

Manage Bankroll

Last but not the least, bankroll management is another important part in any online betting. Bankroll means the current balance available in your online betting platform. Too much greed and over betting is not good for your pocket. So make a budget and keep a plan even if you lose your money. A smart bettor usually bets only 3%-5% of their bankroll in a single game.

These tips can help you to get a good experience in online cricket betting.

Benefits of Cricket Betting

Now the question is: why would you bet on cricket online? Let us find the answer before drawing a conclusion:

Easy Way to Earn Extra Income

Everyone wants to earn extra money with their main income source. Your correct online cricket predictions can help you to gain some extra income. Some websites also offer huge grand prizes and rewards for top winners. If you are able to achieve the first position, you will get huge cash rewards and gifts like cars, mobile phones, electronic items, etc.

Entertainment and Engagement

Cricket is the most loved and most watched sport in India. Betting in online cricket will give you both entertainment and engagement. 

Simple Working Mechanism

Cricket betting is very simple. Almost every player knows about the basic rules of cricket. Therefore, it is easier to bet on cricket matches compared to any other games. 

Guide for Newbies

If you are a new player in online cricket betting then you must follow some additional tips to gain more:

Know the Basics

If you want to do profitable bets, always go through the basic rules and technicalities of the sports. Cricket is a very popular game and the rules have changed over time. Keep track of those changes.

Risk Management

Before starting online cricket betting, ask yourself how much capital you can use to bet. Also, remember that betting is a high-risk high-return game. Therefore, you should not use the funds you saved for urgent purposes.

Shortlist Betting Sites

While you are learning about the free cricket betting tips online, you have to shortlist the verified and licensed betting platforms. Otherwise, you will be unable to withdraw even if you have won your bets. Select those platforms, which are legitimate and have an easy-to-use user interface. 

Pre-Match Analysis

Always do a detailed pre-match research and analysis to increase your winning chances. Additionally, you can check for weather updates because it can influence the teams to select bowling or batting decisions after toss. 

We have discussed the important tips and strategies. Hopefully, this will help you make more accurate online cricket betting predictions. Your luck will contribute to your winning, but you must follow these rules to increase your winning chances. If the results go against your favour, do not try revenge betting. In most cases, players lose more money by doing revenge betting.