Legalities of Online Betting


If you are curious about the legality of online sports betting then you are certainly not the only one! With over 400 million people watching sports every year, and 40% of them betting online, India is a hotbed for online sports betting. The shift from offline to online sportsbooks highlights the changing interests of the punters. Knowing the legal aspects of online gambling and its growth in India is essential as it changes the gambling environment and affects how people interact with the platforms.

Without further ado, let us start understanding the betting laws and their implications on the platforms and other betting sites. 

Is Gambling Popular?

Trying to seek the answer to this question is very common among beginners trying to gamble. 26% of the world's population gamble, which means 1.6 million gamblers are active, with 4.2 billion people gambling at least once per year. Hence, the answer to the question is 'YES!'. 

There are a lot of gamblers and it is one of the most popular activities for many people around the world. However, unregulated gambling brings a risk for gamblers, and common people trying out this sport. To safeguard them, certain rules and regulations are employed to minimise risks. 

Legalities of Betting Around the World

Now there are several rules and regulations for playing sports betting around the world. Let us see some of the most popular ones and understand them.

United States of America

Previously it was mentioned under the 'Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1982' that sports betting is illegal. However, with the consciousness being developed, many of the states had their own opinion of legalising sports betting. Finally, as per multiple surveys, it was stated that sports betting will not be illegal, but regulated. 

The United Kingdom

As per the United Kingdom laws on betting, they take a stance to legalise sports betting in all its fairness. Thus, if there is a betting agency, it needs to have a licence from the Gambling Commission of the UK. The legal stance is just protective in nature against exploitation but it does not limit sports betting. They do not support match-fixings, which are often an outcome of sports betting. 


Gambling is legal in Ireland, and there are no such restrictions in the sports, casino, or lottery games. Apart from that, you will be amazed to know that the ‘National Lottery’ in Ireland is quite a popular game. Betting laws in Ireland are protective and also allow their residents to take part in certain betting types. 


Sports betting is legal here and the only regulation is that a person needs to be 18 or 19 years old to start betting. Depending on the state where you reside, the minimum age for betting may change. Try to grab hold of the betting age limit before you start betting online. 

South Africa

In South Africa betting is legal and it is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to gambling. The betting laws here are not restrictive and they allow bettors to gamble in many online as well as offline betting sites in South Africa. 


In Japan, betting is only allowed on horse racing and motorboat racing. You can try betting in Japan in these restrictive categories only, through offline or online platforms. 


In India, the clarity regarding games which require skill and involve chance is not properly demarcated. With that being said, online betting is not explicitly banned in India, there are no dedicated betting laws in place. Many states in India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh have declared a ban on any kind of gambling. 

Even the government is trying to regulate gambling here as per the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2022, Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCP), Prize Competitions Act 1955, Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, and Cable Television Network Rules, 1994. 

The government is trying to regulate gambling to generate revenue from it by applying taxes on it. 

Apart from these, other countries are also trying to regulate gambling platforms and the revenue they generate. Some countries have banned a few platforms due to non-payment of fees or due to public demand. However, there are a few countries where the laws are not that clear and it is open to interpretations. 

The Clear Picture of Gambling Online

It is clear that when something like gambling is a popular activity among many, bans will have repercussions. Thus, governments around the world are going for an alternative strategy to legalise it. Ensuring such a strategy is not harmful to the majority of the crowd. Some platforms do inform the punters about the online wagering regulations to make sure they do not harm. 

The strategy for gambling online has also evolved since its inception. The platforms nowadays are operating in a country like Malta, or Curacao and they are operating throughout the world. This is a clever strategy to avoid some regulations which are hard to follow. 

Throughout the world, there are certain commissions which are in charge of providing licences to gambling platforms. These platforms strictly follow the parameters set by these commissions to operate smoothly. However, some countries like Russia, have shown instability in the adoption of gambling. They have switched multiple times between legal and illegal statuses. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Placing a Bet

Knowing that Sports betting or any kind of betting for that matter depends heavily on your conscience and understanding. Analyse yourself first, if you think that you have some disposable income left then welcome! However, if you feel that you are not that well off and it will be hard for you to participate, kindly refrain from yourself. 

Betting laws are there for your protection, but as you know a piece of law may have different interpretations. It is best to see whether the platform you are subscribing to has great reviews. 

You can try out reading reviews and then making a decision, we are here to help you out! You can get several websites which show trust scores and wagering requirements for you to research through various platforms in less time. 

If you are subscribing to a platform then check whether they are licensed in your country or outside. If they are outside then trying to go through the terms and conditions of the platform. If you can meet the requirements of the rules they mention then play, otherwise choose a different platform. 

Do not try to be greedy and play games on any unregulated platforms, always carry out thorough research before playing. Follow the online wagering regulations if provided by the jurisdiction of your resident country, or the platform. 

To Sum Up

From the previous experience, there were many people, sportsmen and businessmen accused of sports betting. The perspective has now shifted significantly and this has made a lot of platforms come up! Following the betting laws of the country they operate or the countries where they provide their services, they are trying too hard to cater to punters.

Sports betting has found acceptance throughout the world, thanks to some proactive changes in legislation.  However, please ensure your financial safety while playing and do not use anything over your disposable income to play sports betting. Do not worry about the legality of online sports betting, just do your research and start your gameplay!