IPL 2024 Betting Apps


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is an annual T20 cricket league that has captivated cricket fans globally since its inception in 2008. The popularity has been on an upward curve since the first season of the event due to the unparalleled cricketing entertainment guaranteed by the star-studded teams. 

However, with the surge in technology and mobile density across the world, the IPL experience has transcended beyond the wickets and boundaries of the cricket grounds. The IPL 2024 betting apps have helped cricket enthusiasts to be part of the excitement virtually. 

Overview of the IPL 2024 Betting Apps

IPL 2024 betting apps are mobile applications that allow betting on various aspects of the IPL 2024 matches. In addition to the betting options, the apps also feature match updates, highlights, statistics, and other relevant information about the matches, which helps fans make profitable bets and earn a fair amount of money. 

Popular IPL 2024 Betting Apps

Picking the right app from the numerous good ones available in the market is a tough task. Each app has something different to offer from others, and you are spoilt for choice. Below is a curated list of the top five IPL 2024 betting apps. 

1. Parimatch


This app stands apart from others with its uncluttered, easy-to-use interface, which takes you straight into the IPL action. The rapid page loading feature, which includes live betting opportunities, is another plus that helps you make instantaneous decisions. 

Depositing and withdrawing money can be done easily and are supported through various payment channels. The app offers you a 150% bonus (up to INR 30,000) and an INR 250 free bet to get you started.  

2. Dafabet

This IPL 2024 betting app scores high on the array of special betting options that it offers in addition to the regular options. The betting odds of this app are the best in the industry. There is a bonus of 160% or up to INR 16,000 for first-time users. The app supports all the common Indian payment channels for deposit and withdrawal. 

3. PariPesa


This is a go-to app if you are looking at exclusive IPL bonuses and odds. The high odds are on par with the best in the industry, and new users are welcomed with a 100% bonus of up to INR 10,000. Their exclusive IPL offers and free bets throughout the tournament are a major attraction. 

4. 1XBet


The lightning-fast app matches the speed at which you need to make your betting decisions. The easy-to-use app also offers an extensive range of betting options and a lucrative 120% welcome bonus of up to INR 49,000. 

5. BC.Game


The IPL 2024 betting app offers one of the most extensive betting options and even includes unusual wagering options to satisfy everyone’s desire. One of the most impressive features is the live betting option, as it allows one to bet in real-time. You can keep changing your bets based on the changing fortunes of the game to win big. The app also has an impressive welcome bonus and a wide array of payment options. 

Choosing the Right IPL 2024 Betting App

There has been a mushrooming of IPL 2024 betting apps before the start of the latest IPL season.  However, care should be taken to select a trustworthy one. Check out the user reviews, licensing, and navigation-friendly user interface to narrow down your choice of betting app. 

Also, make sure to understand the number of betting options, the competitive odds, and the payout policies of the app to choose the best for a rewarding betting experience. Sign yourself up with the app that has active customer support to help you with any issues. 

Tips for Using IPL 2024 Betting Apps

The IPL 2024 betting apps can help not only the players but also the fans reap rich profits.  

Understand Match Odds

Match odds are generally expressed in numbers and determine the amount of profit on a successful bet. A lower number odd indicates a high probability of the outcome occurring, and vice versa. Depending on the country, odds can be decimals, fractions, or integers.  

Explore the Varied Betting Options

The IPL 2024 betting apps offer a wide choice of options that the fans can bet on. Check out the match odds, and you can bet on the following categories in IPL 2024:

Winner of the match

Top batsman or bowler

Man of the match

Total runs that will be scored

Total wickets that will be scalped

Winner of the toss

Power play scores or

Performance of a specific player

Make sure to check if your betting app allows live betting where you can modify your wagers depending on the way the match is progressing. 

You need to research the bets well and analyse various factors that can influence the outcome. Once you have zeroed in on the category in which you are going to bet, decide on the amount and place your bet. 


IPL 2024 betting apps are powerful platforms that enhance the interaction of fans with the T20 tournament. With the aid of these mobile applications, the fans are not mere spectators to all the cricketing action that unfolds on the cricket ground. 

The IPL 2024 betting apps offer great features to make betting easier and even live stream the game to help fans engross themselves completely in the game. Fans need to exercise caution while choosing a reputed betting app and indulge in responsible betting.