How to Understand Odds and Probabilities?


Every game that you play in an online casino has predetermined odds. These odds help in finding the outcome of the game. You can use the odds to determine your chances of winning the game. Experienced players always use these odds and probabilities to calculate their chances of winning. Therefore, all newbies can use this article to understand the theory of odds and probability in online casinos.

What are Probabilities and Odds in Online Casinos?

In terms of online casino games, probabilities and odds represent the likelihood of a certain outcome. You will notice that odds are a ratio of the total number of times an event produces an outcome to the number of times it does produce that outcome. Whereas, you can use probability to calculate the likelihood of an event’s outcome. It may sound complicated, thus you can follow the below probability and odds examples:

If you roll a dice, the odds of getting 6 is 1:5. In simple words, when you roll a dice, you can get a 6 only on one event, whereas, there are 5 different events where the outcome will not be 6. 

However, the probability is 0.1667 or 16.67. This is because, there are 6 total outcomes when you roll a dice but, you can get 6 only in a single occasion. Therefore, the probability of getting a 6 is 1:6. 

Probability vs. Odds: What’s More Important?

After some in-depth research on this, it can be said that understanding probability and odds are equally important for you to win a game. Odds will give you an idea about your stake's potential return, whereas, probability will help you to calculate your chances of winning. Understanding both helps players to create proper strategies and find the most suitable game for them. Losing money is something that no one likes. Thus, a better understanding of odds and probabilities will help you to avoid games involving a high risk of losing.

What are the Major Differences between Odds and Probability?

Before you start playing online casino games, you need to know how odds and probabilities are different from each other. You can read the table below to understand it better:





You will find that odds are always represented in ratio or fraction.

Probabilities are always represented in the form of percentages or decimals.


It is calculated by the chances of getting a certain outcome to the chances of not getting that certain outcome.

For calculating probability, you divide favourable outcomes by total outcomes.


Odds are used to determine the winnings. You can use odds to know the amount you will win against your stake.

However, probability helps you determine your chances of winning the game. Thus, it helps you identify the risk of losing.

How to Improve Your Odds of Winning?

Odds are considered the most important part of casino games. With the help of odds, players can determine their potential winnings and also calculate their chances of winning. For example, if the odds are 1:3, then for every ₹1000, you will get ₹3000. Therefore, the points below will help you to improve your understanding of odds:

  • Check House Advantage

All casinos have some house edge. However, online casinos have less advantage when compared to real casinos. You should always check the house advantage and play the game with the lowest house edge. This will improve your odds of winning the game.

  • Analysing the Volatility

The odds of winning big are less in low-volatile games because they are less unpredictable and involve low risk. Whereas, highly volatile games offer better odds of winning big. These games are unpredictable and involve high risk, therefore, you can win better rewards. The probability of winning these games differs from each other based on the difficulty and volatility. The probability of winning high-risk games is low, whereas, the probability of winning low-risk games is high. Analyse these factors properly before participating in any game.

  • Know the Rules

You can hardly play and win a game without knowing its rules. Therefore, before playing any game, you should always first focus on learning its rules and understanding the odds. You can search for the game and learn all its rules.

  • Practice

‘Practice makes you perfect’ is a popular and practical phrase. You can find multiple platforms where you will be able to play casino games for free. After learning the rules and understanding the odds, you should begin your practice on free platforms. This will nullify your risk of losing money and help you understand the game’s mechanism. 

How is Understanding Odds and Probabilities Beneficial?

Experienced players always consider odds to calculate their probability of winning. This helps them to avoid games that involve a high risk of losing. You can use the points below to understand why it is beneficial to understand probabilities and odds before playing any game:

  • Better Decision Making

A better understanding of odds and probabilities will help you in making better decisions. It is because knowing the odds will help you in calculating your potential returns, whereas probability calculation will help you to know your chances of winning. Therefore, you will be able to identify the games that suit your playing style, without losing money by experimenting with new games.

  • Reduction of House Edge

Every casino has some house advantage, but understanding odds and probabilities will help you in realising your actual chances of winning. Knowing the odds will also give you the power to find and play a game with the lowest house edge, this will boost your chances of winning a fortune.

  • Profitable in the Long Run

Knowing how odds work will help you in the long run because you can recognise the risks of playing a game. Probability calculation helps you in adjusting your bet and winning a game. Players with proper knowledge and understanding have control over their emotions, and thus remain profitable in the long run.

Understanding the odds and probabilities of playing online casino games is critical. Newbies often make the mistake of playing games in online casinos without learning and understanding how probabilities and odds work. Thus, probability and odds are both interlinked and play a major role in developing your skills. You can start by playing free casino games online, it will help you to learn and develop without risking your own money.