How To Stay Safe Online?


Online gambling has been getting a massive response from the players since the last two decades. It became possible for the continuous upgradation and growth of the technology. Now players have a wide range of options to choose their online betting platform. However, online gambling may have some risks, like criminal or illegal activities, data theft, etc. In this blog, you will know about online gambling safety to maintain a safe and secure online gambling journey.

Threats Involved

Here are some common threats when playing online games:

Phishing Emails

Hackers usually try to get your passwords through phishing emails. You may see some promising offers of online betting in your inbox. These emails can steal your data secretly. If you enter your personal details, passwords, etc., they will easily loot your money.

Misleading Ads

Some gambling sites promote their platforms through misleading ads and posters. They may promise you guaranteed wins on every bet but the actual scenario is not as simple as their promises. For example, various telegram channels promise guaranteed and correct predictions for betting games and offer premium subscriptions. There is no guarantee that the predictions will work properly in the betting industry.

Malicious Apps

Most betting apps do not have their applications on the app stores, so players need to install the apks manually. There is no surety that you have downloaded the correct app. There is a high chance of installing a malicious application if not downloaded from the official website. 

Data Theft

Data safety is one of the most crucial parts of online betting. All the websites are not safe gambling online sites. These websites can sell your data to third party companies or hackers and your personal data may come under risk.

Fraudulent Apps or Sites

Most of the companies host their platforms from an outside country to avoid regional rules and restrictions. So, it is not easy to check if the website is genuine or fake. In the digital world, scams and fake sites are present everywhere. If you start betting on them, you will not get your money back even if you win the games. 


Addiction is one of the greatest risks of online gambling. Gambling addiction can make you a beggar if not controlled properly. People usually forget to manage bankroll and they face huge losses repeatedly.

How to Stay Safe in Online Betting

There are several threats in the world of online gambling. However, you can not say that all the gambling sites are waiting to cheat you. Here are some points to ensure your online gambling safety. 

Casino Licence

Always register and play through a registered and licensed casino to avoid the chances of fraudulent activity. You can surf the review platforms to know more about their track records. Especially check the withdrawal success rates, charges, minimum withdrawals, etc. to make informed decisions. There is a very low chance of being cheated by a verified and licensed casino. Always choose that platform which is recommended by trusted sources. 

Safety Protocols and Measures

Always follow the basic things to keep you safe online. You should not click on any unknown links or ads in gambling sites. The site owner is not responsible for any 3rd party ad on their platform. Additionally, you should not disclose your identity or any crucial details through in-game chats. Scammers usually disguise their own identity and try to steal your important information through in-game communications.

Password Guide

Do not use easy passwords like “12345678”, “00000000”, “password”, etc. Make your password with a combination of characters, numbers and symbols. These combination passwords are not easy to crack. Thus you can enhance your account security. Additionally, you should avoid ‘autofill’ and ‘save passwords’. If a hacker is able to hack into your browser, they will get all your personal data, passwords, card details, account details, etc.

Payment Options

Even if you use a licensed casino, you have to be serious before choosing the correct payment method for deposit and withdrawals. Online betting sites offer various options for transactions. It is always recommended to use a well established channel or method for online transactions. The availability of trusted payment channels are very crucial to select safe slot sites.Choosing a reliable payment option will help you to transact seamlessly throughout your betting journey.

If you choose a new payment method, it may create problems to deposit and withdraw money on time. In the worst case, your payment can get stuck and you have to waste your time to get back your money. So, only use those methods you are familiar with.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi and Mobile Charging

Do not make your casino transactions using a public wifi even if it is a normal transaction. Hackers can easily know your password through public wifi. It is not a secure channel as there is no password protection and anyone can connect with them. 

Also, avoid mobile charging stations to charge your phone. You charge your mobile phone through data cables in the public mobile charging places. Hackers can easily get access to your media, passwords, important files, etc. Always charge your phone with an adapter to avoid such risks.

Responsible Gaming

To become a profitable bettor, you have to play responsibly. Responsible gaming is offered by all genuine online casinos to increase the online gambling safety. Responsible gaming helps to reduce the chances of gambling addictions. You can take a short term or permanent break from a gambling platform if you feel addicted. You can limit your betting amount and losses through in-game settings. 

Customer Support

Almost every gambling platform offers customer support facilities to solve your problems. You may talk with the team to clear your doubts or to solve your problems. Always check the available customer care channels before registering on a website. This is because problems can occur anytime during your betting journey. 

Safe and secure online gambling helps the users to get a smooth gaming experience. Always make your own safety measures to avoid any kind of mistakes. Online cheatings and scams are now a common thing in the digital world. Our government is introducing new regulations to ensure online gambling safety among players. If you do not follow the basic safety measures, you have to face big losses.