How To Place A Bet On Cricket Matches: A Comprehensive Tutorial For Indian Punters


Online cricket betting is one of the most famous sports betting in India. During IPL, approximately 33 crore Indians participate in cricket betting. It has 80%-90% market share in the Indian sports betting market. This blog is a brief guide or tutorial for placing a cricket bet as well as winning strategies.

How to Bet on Cricket Matches

To start with online cricket betting, you have to follow these steps:

Join a Platform

To participate in online cricket betting you have to join a betting platform. You can not play without an account. Before you make your account check the track record of that platform. Go through all terms and conditions, user reviews, user interface. When you find an ideal platform for your gameplay, create your account with them and complete the basic formalities. They may ask you to verify your account with identity details, complete all steps for a hassle free experience.


Even if your platform allows you to play free games, you have to make a deposit if you want to earn real money. Deposit and withdrawals are very crucial for online cricket betting. Always choose a trusted channel to make transactions. This way, you will get your payments faster and your transactions will be secure. Do not use any payment method which is not popular. If a betting platform is not offering a convenient payment method, do not use it.

Select Tournaments and Matches

There are various types of cricket tournaments where you can bet. To maximise your winning chances, choose the correct tournament. When you enter a tournament you will find all the matches you can bet on. Choose the correct match and odds to place your bet.

Choose and Set Your Bet

Then choose and finalise your betting amount. Always make good bankroll management to minimise losses. 

Place your Bet

Every platform offers limited time to place your bet. If you forget to place your bet within time, you will be unable to join the game. 

Check Results and Claim Your Prizes

Always check the match results before your rewards expire. After the match ends, the final results of all bets are published one by one. Check the results to claim your prizes. 

Correct Betting Selection

Cricket Betting is one of the easiest ways to showcase your betting skills and win rewards. However, you have to select the correct betting platform for a smooth experience of online cricket betting. 

Types of Cricket Bet

Always choose the verified cricket betting bites in India to get better experience. Here are some types of bets you can place:

Top Batsman

You can wager to predict the top batsman of the match. Also, you can bet on the top batsman of the series. If your selected batsman makes the most runs in the duration, you will win your bet. You can bet on players from different teams in the same match.

Innings Runs

If you are betting on innings, you are predicting how many runs will be scored in it. There will be a score and you have to select the actual score that will go less or more than the number. 

Top Bowler

Predicting the top bowler is very similar to the top batsman betting. In this case, you predict the bowler to take the most wickets in a match or in an overall tournament. You can bet on the bowlers from different teams in the same match.

Tied Match

This is popular during test matches. Here you can predict if there will be a winner or not. If the match ties, you win your bets.

Win Toss

In this mode, you can predict which team will win the toss. It is the riskiest bet because here your luck matters rather than your skills. 

Betting Strategies for Indian Punters

Here are some strategies you can follow to win big in cricket betting in India:

Research and Analysis

Research is a very important part of sports betting. In the case of cricket betting, always focus on research and analysis rather than only on luck. It is very easy to get important news and updates online before a cricket match. You can also note the predictions of experts. 

Team Injuries

Check the top 11 players’ list before you make your team. If you select a player who is not playing in that particular match, your points will be lower compared to other players. This can easily take you down in the top list of bettors. 

Rankings and Previous Trends

You can see the pre match commentaries and the points table data to make a correct prediction. Watching the pre match discussion will help you get a good analysis of the upcoming match. Experts in these discussions have years of experience and understanding. If you have no strategy, you may follow the trend to win your bet.

Weather Forecasts

Weather is a very crucial factor for cricket matches. Sudden weather changes can change the game results. You should check the weather updates to predict accordingly. Dry grounds and pitches benefit the batting team to hit more boundaries. If wet, it helps the bowling team to create pressure. 

Ground & Pitch Analysis

Checking the ground & pitch history is one of the most important cricket match tips. A slow ground can help the bowling team to save runs and boundaries. On the other hand, if the ground is fast, it will help the batting team to hit boundaries easily.

Bankroll Management

Last but not the least, bankroll management is another important part in any online betting. Bankroll means the current balance available in your online betting account. Too much greed and over betting is not good for your pocket. So make a budget and keep a plan even if you lose your money. A smart bettor usually bet 3%-5% of their bankroll in a single game.

The crowd in cricket betting is increasing for the strategic moves of the cricket betting sites in India. Now you know how to place a bet on a cricket betting website. For your help, betting types and strategies are added. Remember that any type betting is risky and you have to be prepared in advance for unpredicted losses.