Guide to Live Betting on Football


As per a report by Grand View Research, the global sports betting market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 10.3% between 2023 and 2030. The driving factors behind this are the major shift in the regulatory landscape in this sector, penetration of connected devices and ever-evolving digital infrastructure globally. 

Among all the sports, football has remained at the top of the list all time. Its sheer number of matches offers players a wide range to explore. However, in the football betting market, live or in-play football bets ensure the best odds. 

If you find football fun and want to make money from the betting market, keep reading to know about effective live football betting strategies.

11 Proven In-play Soccer Betting Tips

With red cards, weather conditions, injuries, goals, and substitution, football is an ever-changing game. Similarly, given the massive changes in the odds, the in-play football market is getting dynamic day by day. 

Therefore, to optimise your potential winnings, consider the following strategies to get familiarised with how to bet on live football.

Tip 1: Understand the Present Condition of the Field

It is crucial to keep following the games from their beginning to understand how a situation changes and which team is taking control of the match. 

You must also know which player has the most points, how many goals are scored, how many corners, free kicks, etc. were recorded. This will help you strategise the bet accordingly.

Tip 2: Seek Assistance of an Experienced Tipster

If you are a novice in in-play soccer betting, consider finding an expert tipster for his or her necessary advice. Several experienced tipsters provide free tips related to live betting on NFL online.  

In fact, they can verify their claims with verified reports in the form of statistics like the average amount of stake, return on investment and monthly profit. 

Tip 3: Use a Contrary Outcome Betting Strategy

In case your initial wager fails, you can choose to bet on the opposite outcome. In simple terms, if the team you have bet on fails to win, you can then bet on the other team to recoup your loss.

Tip 4: Use Matched Betting

Matched betting significantly eliminates the risk by placing two opposite wagers- one with a bookmaker and the other one with a betting exchange. As the bets cancel out each other, it is a zero-risk strategy. 

Further, since matched betting is largely around bonuses for both new and existing players, it ensures an exciting betting experience.

Tip 5: Using Time Decay to Profit

While betting on in-play football, understanding the periods in a game regarding when the odds will move faster can be profitable for you. 

The principle of time decay says that as a match is closer to its end, the chances of its existing scoreline keep increasing. Therefore, if the score remains 1-0 till the last few seconds of that match, the price of the winning team will reach 1.01.

Tip 6: Use Different Bookmakers

One of the most preferred live football betting strategies is to keep visiting various bookmakers’ sites instead of sticking to just one betting site. 

All bookmakers offer lucrative bonuses and promotions, including free bets to encourage you to bet on their sites. Besides, from time to time, these sites keep changing their promotions. 

Therefore, if you keep checking several websites, you can take advantage of various such promotions. In addition, you should consider differences in odds, available in less frequented markets like over/under goals, or anytime goal scorers. 

Tip 7: Keep an Eye on the Odds

You should not miss out on how the odds keep on changing throughout a game. It is one of the crucial in-play soccer betting tips to make an informed choice. 

When you find that the odds on a team you have bet on increase, you may get a higher payout if your team wins. This happens as the bookies consider them outsiders.

Tip 8: Bet on Over/Under Goals Market

Over/Under market considers the number of goals scored in a match over its actual outcome. 

For example, suppose in a match between teams X and Y the total goals line for the over/under market is set at 2.5. So, if you bet on the underside of the line when the number of goals is two or less, your unders will win the bet. Now, if you take the over side of the line, you will require at least three or more goals to win the bet.

Tip 9: Avoiding Betting on Emotions

It is not always wise to bet on your favourite team or the team winning the match out of emotion. Instead, try to remain in control and examine the potential of each bet. You should determine the situation on the field and bet in accordance with the probability of the outcome.

Tip 10: Steer Clear of Speculative Betting at Large Odds

Never get carried away and stake a large amount just because a bookmaker is offering high returns. As a punter, you must have an alternative until or unless you are 100% sure that your team will perform well. 

Tip 11: Keep a Track of Your Betting

Maintain a proper record of your daily and weekly betting, including how many you have won and lost, the amount you have staked and the sites you have bet with. Moreover, after making some wagers, try to look for which betting offers better winnings. 

To Sum up

There is no foolproof strategy to win live football betting. Therefore, you must consider an array of factors before making any decision. You must fine-tune your live football betting strategies and track your winnings. 

If you make a profit stick to your current strategy and if not, tweak them accordingly to limit your losses. Besides, instead of blindly following someone else's strategies, design the one you are most comfortable and confident with. 

Nonetheless, you have to take quick action before the odds drop or increase and the market closes. That is why, you should try to connect with a mobile device to keep a close look at a match throughout.