Exploring Live Dealer Games


Live dealer games are online casino games played with real human croupiers instead of machine algorithms. These games have similar gameplay to traditional casinos but with extra efficiency and features. This live casino game genre has turned out to be a cutting-edge alternative to traditional casinos. Players can easily choose their desired position and table, which is impossible at a physical casino. 

In a live dealer game,the players can see the dealer doing actions like dealing cards, spinning a roulette ball, etc. These dealers basically operate from the studio of a real casino, with proper amenities such as enhanced lighting and sound system in order to provide a pleasant gaming experience to the players.

Evolution and Rise of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games have totally changed the immersive casino experience like no other. The essence of human presence has been a significant factor making it a popular casino game. Since gaming has largely shifted to the digital world, casinos have taken a hit. Nevertheless, the popularity of live games have been a rescuer for the reputation of online casinos. 

Let us discuss some of the factors which helped in the evolution of live dealer games:

Transparency and Uprightness

Live dealer games are known for their transparency and clarity. Compared to the random number generators, a real life dealer gives more confidence to the players and is far better. With more confidence and transparency, players can fully enjoy playing as well. Usually, in live dealer games, audits are authorised by well-known gaming authorities, such as UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission),which guarantee their integrity and legitimacy.

Advancement in Technology

The advancement in technology has rapidly influenced the growth of casino games. In the case of live dealer games, they provide a much more interactive gaming experience with better graphics, a wide range of games and all these have come to reality due to the flourishing of technology with time. Players can actually enjoy the essence of the 3D environment with the presence of real dealers with the help of a high-speed internet connection, and a smartphone. 

Better Casino Experience

Live dealer games also provide a better casino experience to the players. Real human interaction can be an important gaming factor as the game seems natural and truly chance-dependent, which a robot cannot provide. Not only that, players can even talk to each other and can give tips to the dealer as well. All these factors surely help to improve the betting atmosphere and the players feel more enthusiastic participating. 

Different Range of Gaming Options

In the era of live casino games, the variety of live dealer games also adds up the excitement for players. Players have a vast range of options to choose from, such as live online roulette, live poker, live baccarat game online, live sicbo, etc. 

Popular Live Dealer Games

There are numerous live dealer games which are famous and are equally loved by players all around the globe. Here are some of the popular live dealer games and their pros and cons.


Live Blackjack Casino is one of the most widely played casino games and the presence of live dealers makes it more lively and exciting to play. The live dealers interact with the players to make them feel comfortable and to make the gaming session more interesting and fun. Once the game begins, players need to draw virtual cards and place virtual bets in front of a real table or in front of a live dealer. 


It has a variety of games to offer.

The rules are easy to follow.


Some of the best live casino sites do not support all payment modes.

Due to the faster gameplay, there remains a possibility of a faster loss rate too.


It is one such game which requires an equal amount of skill and luck. There are various types of poker games available. Players are offered numerous gaming options such as staking extra cash, buying a 6th card for the price of Ante bet, exchanging any of their 5 cards, etc. Another unusual feature of the game that needs to be mentioned is that players can receive payouts for 2 poker hands within a single box.


The gaming interface is amazing as compared to others.

They have flexible betting options and a wide range of games.


Due to various widely played gaming options, the competition gets tough.

For beginners, this can be a little difficult to learn and play.


This is one of the most unpredictable live casino games. Yet, the authenticity of the game makes it popular among the players. The players simply place their bets and the dealer spins the wheel and waits for the lucky numbers to pop up. The results also get digitised and if you win, you get paid immediately. 


An easy game for beginners to start their betting experience.

It has got fast gameplay.


It can be addictive.

Teen Patti

It is the most basic online live dealer game and is also quite famous in India. Teen Patti has been here for a long time and with time it has been modified. Here, players start playing by putting the same stake into the pot of cash. Every player deals with three cards, and the players can decide whether they will raise the stakes or raise a call.


Involves bluffing.

The gameplay is comparatively faster.


Wagers are of fixed size.

In conclusion, it can be said that the evolution of technology into the world of online casinos has been a game changer and soon it will be more advanced and user-friendly. The streaming technology will take the live dealer games in a better position and more people will tend to start playing and trying their luck