Different Types of Bets Explained


Online betting has gained quite some popularity in recent years. There are several betting platforms where a player can choose from the different types of games available online and bet their money. Online betting is easy to understand and can be placed through you desktop or mobile phones. 

3 most Popular Betting Types Available Online

Below are two of the most common types of bets that a player can wager on:

Online Casinos

The most common type of bet placed online is in casinos. There are various options to choose from, we have explained some of them below:


Poker is a very interesting card game, which is strategic in nature. It requires the player to calculate odds, understand their opponent's card and then make decisions to get a hand of cards that have the best possibility of winning. 

It is a game, which requires both luck as well as skill. Poker also has a lot of different types the most popular ones are the Five-Card Draw and Texas Hold’Em. 


Roulette is a fairly simple and round-based game. When playing roulette a player places the bet on where the small ball will land in the spinning wheel. If you guessed the outcome correctly, you win otherwise you lose. Once understood, Roulette can very engaging and thrilling. 

There are various different variations like European roulette, American roulette, French roulette, etc. The rules of playing change with the variation, so it is crucial to check them before playing.


Blackjack is common among card lovers. It is yet another strategic card game like poker. The rules of the game are that your hand of cards should add up and exceed the dealers. 

However, the trick is that it cannot exceed twenty-one otherwise you will “bust! In that case the bet staked will go to the dealer. There are several popular betting types for BlackJack such as European BlackJack, Classic BlackJack, Spanish 21, Perfect Pairs, and more.


You might have seen what a slot machine looks like in movies or shows set in Vegas or other casino environments. This game can be fairly famously known as “a game of luck” because you can win a huge jackpot with minimal investment also if you are in luck that day. 

You need to pull the lever and see if you get matching sets to win. You can choose to play from three-wheel slots, five-wheel slots or jackpot slots where the prize money keeps increasing with each game played. 


This is another type of card game with easy and straightforward rules. In this game, players place their bets on which hand might have the highest value after the dealer is done dealing with the cards. 

You have three betting options to choose from the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or a tie. In the end, the player with the value closest to nine will win. Generally, players place high bets on baccarat and it is often called a game of glamour. 


When searching for popular betting types, craps will definitely take its place. It is a fast-paced game and ends quickly. Here players bet on the outcome after a pair of dice is rolled. 

It also has different options to choose from and the options vary from casino to casino. You can bet on or against the person who is rolling the dice.

Sports Betting

People are always excited to place a bet on sports activity. This type of betting involves betting on different kinds of sporting events. Some of them are live games and some of them are virtual or e-sports games. 

Here, you need to place a bet by predicting the outcome of the game. Not only this, you can also bet on individual players and their performances. All the sports enthusiasts love betting on this. 

It is important to have some kind of prior knowledge about the game before placing your bets. The most common types of sports betting are cricket, football, volleyball, baseball, basketball and horseracing. You can bet on games from any country of your choice and enjoy. 

Speciality Games 

Below are some betting options for special games:


It is a widely popular game where a player needs to mark off the numbers on their card as and when the dealer calls them out. When you mark off all the numbers on your card in a predetermined pattern, you can win. It is fun to play and bet on.


The name in itself explains the concept of this betting type. You purchase a ticket and then wait. The winner is chosen randomly and hence this type of bet is based on pure luck. The draw happens at a specific time and you have to match the number of your ticket/card with the winning number. 

Some lotteries have one mega prize and several smaller prizes, check before betting in a lottery. 

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is similar to a lottery. You need to spin the wheel and hope that the pointer of the wheel lands on a prize. 

There are no specific rules to play this game. In some versions, you need to place your bet on a certain outcome and if that happens you win. 

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game, which has ancient China origin, it translates to “big or small”. It is played with three dice. 

A player needs to place their bet by predicting the outcome after the three dice are rolled. If your predictions are correct, you win. 

To sum up

Before playing any kind of casino game and making your bets, it is important to have basic knowledge about the game and how it is played. Hopefully, this blog helped you understand how some of the most common types of bets are placed. 

The availability of the games will vary from casino to casino, so you can check the betting site for details. However, it is important to note that betting can be habit-forming and addictive, so play responsibly to avoid future hassles.