Casino Betting vs. Sports Betting: Choosing the Right Path for Indian Gamblers


Indian gamblers have always faced a compelling crossroads: casino betting vs. sports betting. With a casino's thrilling atmosphere and the adrenaline rush of sports betting, it is quite tough for Indian gamblers to choose between these two. Both equally tempt Indian gamblers, as one can change their fortune by rolling a dice or tossing a coin. Let’s delve into the volatile but exciting world of casino and sports betting and help you in choosing the right one.

What are Casinos?

Casinos have been a part of human civilisation since the mid-1600s. They are spaces built to facilitate different gambling games. Online casino websites act as a virtual space for gamblers to play different traditional games. Online casinos allow Indian users from any corner of the country to play these games and win a fortune. These websites follow almost every traditional rule to maintain a user's experience. It uses online tools like random number generators and wheels for determining the outcomes. Some of the most famous casino games are Roulette, Slot Machines, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. 

What are the Different Types of Casino?

Online casinos are growing popular with every passing day, but before you start playing these games, you must know about their different types. The points below will help you understand the 3 most common types of Online Casino:

Web-Based Casinos

Every virtual casino available and accessible via the internet is known as a web-based casino. Indian users can only access web-based casinos to online casino games through their official websites. You can easily register yourself and become a member of the platform. Bingo, Poker, and Slots are the most famous web-based casino games among Indian users. With a bit of luck and some knowledge of playing the game, your chances of winning a fortune will surely improve.

Live Casinos

You will not find many huge differences between live casinos and web-based casinos. However, there’s one difference that impacts the user experience a lot. That is, users can communicate or interact with different users just like in real-world casinos. Most latest live casino sites have features that allow players to interact over messages and voice calls as well. Live casino sites have high graphics, images, and animations complemented by different sound effects to enhance the user experience. 

Downloadable Online Casinos

Download-based casinos function similarly when compared to web-based casinos, however, you can only access these casinos by installing their software or by downloading their app on your device. Download-based casinos have faster loading speed when compared to web-based casinos. This is because the audio and graphics are pre-installed in your device and do not require internet connectivity for loading the interface. You can play all the traditional and modern online casino games on these platforms.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting became prominent in the 18th century, but the first instance of sports betting was in 776 BC in Ancient Greece during the first Olympic Games. Sports betting refers to wagering on the prediction of sports results, for example, users can predict the score, goal scorer, or how many goals would be scored in a football match. Indian users either place bets legally via bookmakers or make illegal bets via private bookies. Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding sports betting, in many countries, it is completely banned for reducing criminal activities like fixing. 

What are the Different Types of Sports Betting?

Almost everyone has heard of sports betting, but most of them don’t know about its different types. Below, you will find the three most popular types of online sports betting:

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is the most well-recognized form of betting among Indian users. In this form of sports betting, you predict the winner of the game and bet on them. If your prediction is right, then you win the bet. However, your winnings depend on the odds at which you place your bet. 

For example, consider India faces Pakistan in a match of cricket and the odds are as follows:

India: 1.5

Pakistan: 3

The odds show that Pakistan are the underdogs, whereas India are favourites to win the match. If you bet ₹1,000 on India’s win, then you will receive ₹1,500 on winning the bet including your principal amount. However, if you bet ₹1,000 on Pakistan, then you would receive ₹3,000 including the principal amount on their win.

Spread Bets

Spread Bets have gained as much popularity as moneyline bets among Indian gamblers. You predict a match’s score and bet on how many points a team would lose or win by. It may sound tough but with the following example, you will understand it better:

Let’s say Manchester United is playing against Manchester City, and you predict that Manchester United will win by 3 or more goals. If this happens, you will win the bet and receive your payout depending on the odds.

Total Bets

Total bets are often mentioned in online sports betting sites as 'Under/Over'. It means users bet if the total score of a match would be over or under a certain amount. If your analysis is correct, you will win your bet and receive your winnings.

Let’s simplify this with an example, imagine India plays Australia in a T-20 match and you predict that over both innings, the total runs in that match would be 360 or more. India scored 220 in the first half and Australia scored 215 in the second innings. Total runs over both the innings will be 435, which is over 360, resulting in you winning your bet.  

Casino Betting vs. Sports Betting: What are the Key Differences?

Gambling has been ever-present in human civilisation. It is one of the oldest and most addictive forms of entertainment. However, it has two types, casino games and sports betting. The table below will explain the key differences between casino and sports betting:



Casino Betting

Sports Betting

Emotional Attachment

In casino betting, players don't have any emotional attachment. So, you are able to make honest decisions without bias.

However, in sports betting, emotional attachment plays a huge part. Because people are die-hard fans of certain teams. It influences our decision as we don't want our favourite teams to lose.


Online casino games are fast-paced, so you can finish playing a round of Teen Patti within a few minutes. 

On the other hand, sports betting is slow-placed. It may take up to 7 to 8 hours if you bet on One-Day Cricket matches. 

Financial Implications

Online casino websites always have a slight advantage over the player for being the house.

In sports betting, bookmakers control the odds depending on the situation of the match. However, experienced players can use this rate and increase their chances of winning.

Luck and Predictability

Casino games like Andar Bahar or Roulette are only won by luck, while Poker or Teen Patti require strategies.

For winning sports bets, luck is just not enough. Experienced players use their knowledge, and analyse the teams and players before making their bet.

Casino games and sports betting have been around for more than 300 years now. Thus, it can be said that gambling is one of the oldest industries. With luck or with skill, people will forever be tempted by gambling, as it provides them an easy chance to earn a fortune. This article on casino betting vs. sports betting will help Indian bettors choose the right path.