Asian Handicap Betting Guide


Asian Handicap Betting Guide

You are an experienced punter, frustrated with the outcomes of games that end with a draw! You feel hopeless, as your predictions are most of the time accurate. This is the perfect time for you to get handicapped! Do not take it seriously, as we intend to introduce Asian Handicap betting to you. Using this betting type, you rarely have to worry about drawing. 

Try reading this blog entirely, to gain insights into Asian Handicap or AH betting tactics to win. Let us start by understanding what Asian Handicap betting is!

What is Asian Handicap Betting?

To answer this simple question, imagine a sports game where you are provided with a slight advantage before a game. These advantages help the team to get a winning streak and minimise the chances of having a draw. 

Asian handicaps are popular in football, where the chances of a draw are the highest. Simply choose the team that you like and check whether they have any head-start points or not.

In our, Asian Handicap explained guide we will start by introducing a few terms like:

Favourite: This team gains the disadvantage of some goals (which can be in decimals) concerning the other team. 

Underdog: This is the team with a positive head-start and is usually safe to bet on! 

Now as you have understood, AH betting tactics involve identifying the perfect team and plays are not usually conducted from the same level. Let us further explore the different types of AH betting that are available for you to try out!

Types of Asian Handicap Betting Games 

Let us start exploring different handicaps and how they affect the games and your decision-making process. 

0-0 Asian Handicap

In this Asian Handicap betting tactic, both teams are given a level playing field from the start. This is similar to draw no bet, where you may expect a draw more than other Asian Handicap betting types. Now naturally, you can bet on any of the teams, as there are no underdogs and favourites here. 

If you bet on a team and they win then as a bettor you win bet. However, on the other hand, if you lose then you lose the bet money. Now if the game has no winners, then you get your bet amount back in your playing account. 

Asian Handicap with +0.25 advantage

Using this betting underdog team gets an advantage of 0.25 goals, as opposed to favourites. Thus, if the underdog team wins the game then the bettor wins the money put on stake. However, if the game ends in a draw then you only lose half of the stakes that you bet. 

If you are new to the world of betting, then it is a sure-shot market for you to win. Provided you are already utilising the AH betting tactics you learnt from us!

Asian Handicap with +0.5 advantage

This is also called, ‘half-goal handicap’, where a team that represents the underdog stays ahead with 0.5 goals. To win, you must ensure that the underdog needs to win or make a draw. On the other hand, if you want ‘favourites’to win then they must score more than the underdog. 

There is also scope for some other non-decimal handicap types, like:

Single Asian Handicap AH Betting Tactics

The core idea of this type of betting is the same and there are two different odds for ‘underdog’ or ‘favourite’. In case the ‘underdog’ team has a +1 advantage then the favourites need to either draw the game or win outright for you to win. Provided you have placed your bet on the ‘Favourite’. 

Thus, you need to ensure that whichever team you choose either draws the match or wins by scoring far from the advantage provided to the underdog team. 

Alternative Asian Handicap Tactics

In the case of alternative Asian handicap tactics, you spread your bet across both the underdog and the favourite. Now whether the favourite wins the game or an underdog wins the game there is a chance that you can make money by playing. This is one of the best strategies for Asian handicap betting as it offers less chance of losses for you. 

However, if the game ends in a draw then balancing out the differences you just win half of the stakes you put. 

Types of Sports Where Asian Handicap Betting Can Be Used

Some of the sports where you can easily use Asian Handicap betting strategies are as follows:



Ice Hockey

Now that you have understood the internal concepts of the Asian Handicap strategy, you might as well understand some of the advantages that it has to offer. 

Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

There are two most advantageous aspects that we have realised using AH betting tactics in a sports game. Some of them are as follows:

Enhanced Chances of Win

With the introduction of AH betting tactics, you can win no matter what odds you play. There is more scope available for you to win and if you are still facing a draw then you can at least win back half of the stakes. 

More Choices 

What makes AH betting tactics different from other games is that it allows you to choose any team or split your bet amount across two teams at the same time. Thus, you can easily gather a win no matter where you place your bet.  

A disadvantage that we may point out is that it is harder to understand terminologies. It is not easy for a beginner to understand the core concepts of handicap games. 

If you are an experienced punter in traditional sports betting then, it will be harder for you to understand the game. However, once you are familiar with it, this is the best strategy for you to avoid losing all stakes at once. 

Summing Up!

Asian Handicap or AH betting tactics are one of the best ways to spread out your bets and win. Asian handicaps are one of the most balanced ways to gather earnings in soccer or other matches. However, note that recently due to the rise in its popularity, several platforms are tying up lopsided teams. 

This kind of management reduces the overall scope and value of wins for an individual player who does not risk more money! Please try to understand and research the teams whether they are ‘favourite’ or ‘underdogs’. Do not randomly select a team and place your bet. Gamble safely and do not risk all your money in the process!