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  • This site provides the live streaming option.
  • it even offers expert suggestions to the bettors.
  • The bonus and promotion section has not been active yet.
  • The payment methods are not clearly mentioned in demo login.

    99Exch Casino Reviews

    In this 99 EXCH casino review below, we are going to focus on different game types of this platform. It is currently in developing stage. Despite having many limitations as of now, 99 Exchange has earned a name for best cricket betting site in India. This platform offers multiple live casino options to engage its users. You can check their multiple gaming options in their home page. All you need to do is to log in to their site with demo option and start placing bets on the diverse events.

    Its gaming library is worth all the attention. You can place bet in as many live events as you want. Its easy-to-use interface makes the online gaming even more satisfactory. Whether you are being the seasoned bettor or the beginners, you can use this platform without any hassle.

    Quick Facts on 99exch Casino



    Game Types: 


    All Sports: Cricket, Tennis, Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Kabbadi, Volleyball, Binary, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Table Tennis, Rugby, Darts, Futsal, Mixed Martial Arts. 


    Casino: 7 Up & Down, Auto Roulette, Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger, Cricket War, Baccarat, Amar Akbar Anthony, 3 Card Judgment, Casino War, Worli Matka.


    Payment Methods: Sign in to their website and contact customer support for more details on payment methods.


    Customer Support: Live chat is available through WhatsApp.


    Languages Supported: NA


    Managed by: NA


    Founding Year: NA


    Headquarters: NA

    Pros and Cons

    Let us dig further to know pros and cons of the site:




    • This site provides the live streaming option.


    • It even offers expert suggestions to the bettors.




    • The bonus and promotion section has not been active yet.


    • The payment methods are not clearly mentioned in demo login.


    • They are not running any application as of now. 
    Type of game on 99exch Casino

    This site offers sports betting options and live casino games. Here is the list below that you can consider overviewing.


    All Sports

    • Cricket
    • Tennis
    • Football
    • Horse Racing
    • Greyhound Racing
    • Binary
    • Volleyball
    • Ice Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Darts
    • Futsal
    • Table Tennis
    • Rugby
    • Mixed Martial Arts




    • 7 Up & Down
    • Auto Roulette
    • Teen Patti
    • Dragon Tiger
    • Cricket War
    • Baccarat
    • Amar Akbar Anthony
    • 3 Card Judgment
    • Casino War
    • Worli Matka
    • Bollywood Casino
    • Lottery
    • Book Cricket
    • High Low
    • Muflis Teen Patti
    • Teen Patti One Day
    • Lucky 7
    • Akbar Romeo Walter
    • 2 Card Teen Patti
    • Dragon Tiger One Day
    • Dragon Tiger Lion
    • Trio
    • 2 Card Teen Patti One Day
    • Center Card
    • Roulette
    • Lottery
    • Dus Ka Dam
    • 29 Card Baccarat
    • Casino Meter
    • Football Studio
    • Movie Casino
    • King Race
    • Side Bet City
    • The Trap
    • Center Card
    • High Card




    How to Register on 99exch Casino

    The 99 EXCH platform is still under a developing stage. However, you can log in to a demo site using the  following simple steps:


    Step 1: Visit the official website of 99 EXCH


    Step 2: Click on the option ‘Login with Demo ID.’


    Step 3: Once logged in, you can start placing bets on your favourite games.


    How to Play on 99exch Casino

    Follow these basic steps to play live casino games on 99 EXCH:


    Step 1: Visit the official website of 99 EXCH.


    Step 2: Choose any game from the ‘Casino’ list.


    Step 3: It will show you the list of open bets.


    Step 4: First, you pay the minimum deposit amount and start playing along.

    How to download 99exch Casino app

    Based on information from their live chat, 99 EXCH does not currently have a mobile application. For updates on betting options, visit the official 99 EXCH website.

    99exch Casino Reviews

    Known as one of the best cricket betting website, it offers diverse games for its users to engage with. In our 99 EXCH casino review, we have mentioned that the site is currently in the developing stage. Hence, the details of payment methods and bonuses are not available with the demo login.


    This is suggested that you visit the official website of 99 EXCH and get connected with their representatives to know more on the promotions and payment methods.